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Out of sight is out of mind

As a psychologist about love, Emily Kensington often wondered if a relationship where two people stay away from each other to survive it? And the answer is yes, but the relationship is often more complex forms and to maintain the existence of it requires efforts from both sides.
Here are a few ideas that Emily suggestions to help you maintain your relationship:

Right from the start, both to make sure I understand the difficulties in the relationship, it will help you avoid pain or misunderstanding later. For example, are you willing to relocate if their relationship of two closely linked you have more?

Contact , chat with each other every day by many way - as many times as possible . Since two people can not see each other or beside each other, establishing and maintaining emotional connections with each other is very important. You do not need very long conversation, so much (though sometimes should do) but to tell each other about the joys or sorrows, and give each other advice necessary. With the advancement of information in modern times, the contact with each other was relatively easy, you know to take advantage of this to maintain their relationship.

Take advantage of the benefits of your relationship bring , you have more time for family and friends more. And more importantly, not in proximity also gives you more independence (is what other couples do not get).

Let pursue common interests of both , although for both of you are not working together for the common interests there. For example, if a film (or book) that you both enjoy the same view, see movies (or books) together and then talk about that movie. It helps both of you feel like being around each other more.

Should not control each other . Each person has their own personal freedom and nobody can (or should) control another person. As long as both you and care about their relationship, spend time caring for it, then the problem will not be a distance problem too. As soon as you feel either no longer the enemy's right for you anymore (or you find someone more appropriate), then the relationship has ended, regardless of your 3000 miles away from each other or not.
together to talk about the future . Suppose you please talk about future plans in which they want to do, discuss together how you will make it look like. This action creates both trust each other about the existence of the relationship and the efforts, both efforts are not None.

Maybe The most difficult thing of this type of relationship is : should know when to say goodbye. For others this relationship was a difficult work, with this relationship, the more special is more difficult. However, communication, communication is only from one side or the number of times to meet increasingly sparse, or the worst quarrels occur too often, that's when you should review the relationship of themselves.

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