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Only pretend, you very much!

I will pretend softly touching his hand. But you have to hold my hand again, there truly nhé! I will do as accidentally sitting next to him. But you just hold me - pretending to be afraid to lose you, you very much! I will try to silence. He stalked to ask "Where is she ...?", The truth is not? I'll pretend to foot pain behind. But he must wait, for you it seriously. And timid proposal: Well! or ... He carried ... to a car, you do sleep. I pretend to know it but do not move the shoulder from my roof top.

Pretending I love you very much! I was so jealous, jealous, "legal" several minutes. I will ask about a girl who does that, that someone texted me like this, he pretended to go, and a sharp pain in children is very real ... I pretend I put the lip cheek, okay! For the breath that made me embarrassed to know how much!

Pretending he raised up a gift try to catch me! Let me see something I also need directions to the belief by all the eager kid. He just pretends to say I love you. Since taxation is one where he is a saying? And I also indicated that they are pretending to be loved so much ...

Pretend to hook her say: "Maybe I'll have to go."
But I have promised a tightening of his hand pretending to be strong enough. Strong enough ... All just stop pretending. I swear I will not believe it. Your tears fell well what is real. What in your eyes at me for me ... And finally I had to pretend to tell you that I do not love anh.Su really know how you love me, you know? And pretend to be mild! - I would say he does not remember where ... although I miss you very much, since in thinking, in dreams, ignore the silly moments I watched the sun ... miss you ... Appearance deserted around you know how ...
- I will not go out with him .. although I prefer to be behind the rest of the car holding his arms, his love of them flying in the wind ... - I will not phone him.

Even though I want to hear familiar warm voice, told him to be happy is sad gentlest corner where your mouth ... - I will not send SMS to me ... although I know there will be people sitting alone reading them laugh, read and laugh silly ... - I will not pretend to know if you suddenly see me ... although I want to come to me real close, real close to be watching him very carefully, very long ...
- I'll be strong to walk alone ... although in my heart hurt. You're alone and more than that, I deem it my hand lead me, help me up when I stumble.

... Pretending ... his farewell pictures! ... He told me that: "You fool! Why does love have to pretend like goodbye?" Just ... I want him found that he was stupid, very stupid if I'm to lose you, because I love the most ... No news? Do not believe it ... I again pretended nhé! Pretend you're the best I LOVE ... ♥ Pretending it, you very !!!...

♥ By khachviengtham

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