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Only just a dream!

select his name three times on the phone but the Swiss Travel can not press the call, pick up then let down.
The phone now as something to help Du hands off themselves idle when the first gush of his mind.
Du courage not fear your call button will report rejected calls or listening to boring, then wait for it. At first, each time to hear the song "I'll come," Du told him not to have a message for everyone that picked up the balance is even though he rushed at her hello past 12 midnight.

Up to this point, the Swedish Travel and I know each has been 11 months. A romantic evening in the cafe music gently. Candle light, golden light shimmering Du enough to see his eyes eyelid following a pair of black rimmed glasses, white teeth are like corn. Floods often tease you: "Where the Learning Korean guy that?". Swiss Travel imagine an evening in celebration of two days we are together, have found the coffee shop as their request to keep secret and 89 minutes. New right that day led him away for a surprise.

That day arrived. He's wearing a blue shirt, western wear looked very polite. This mode will probably be my friends the same age old criticism, but in the eyes of Swiss Tourism, the world is beautiful. According to Du, fashion phech silver jeans, baggy clothes just for little kids only Grower Grower. Now he is he, as a university student asked what that sound. Travel in the UK to welcome new Atilla irritability, bonus gift when he parked parent university.

The event took place exactly as the script of the Swiss Tourism. He sat listening to any great sports draft review the past year anniversary of two little secrets of the "new thing now days" of Du. What is the first date, Swiss Travel lockers were rummaging to find the perfect outfit, which was very angry when Du a weekend afternoon because he did not ever care to find songs like Du, copy it to disk, but forgotten the whole time. Sometimes he put his hand to push the black rimmed glasses, seemed to focus on listening to Swiss Tourism. He is a man of few words which should have also granted. Only add the last part is not in the plan as Du notice:

- I see a stranger in person. Had an exam and my doctor is ...
England face change color, somewhat embarrassed and said to be more like a talented orator. His analysis, offering a variety of situations, and much more advice. But his conclusion is the Swiss Travel advice should throw it out because he, for example, two children and the future. Swiss Travel heard only silence. Did not understand from where the two found tears rolling lightly across cheeks. He wiped tears and small promotional another question: "If you do not agree, I guess we can not be met anymore." Du looked at him surprised stared. May he keep moving gaze out the window.

*** From the parking lot, also opens to the Swiss sales planning department of a famous maternity hospital. Travelers feel like people look at themselves and understand the reason for her presence here. Cold enough good people, such as sweat bath when she saw a nurse pushing stretcher past girlfriends. How is a child go without his own birthday. Du suddenly thought of the baby inside her. It also looks like another ill-fated friends only.

Cold The door opened, cold air in the Swiss Travel ferry. English metal tool and clicks on each other causing goosebumps Du, creepy. Du think: Only a few minutes I'll be there as his girlfriend, lying on stretchers with people pushing and prying eyes of the people around them whether the same situation as yourself.

Swiss Travel Rates as before a little tougher, not alluring first words as sweet as sugar cane his back, what is so. All because of fear of losing him, afraid he would leave and that's the only way to Travel can keep him even though his side are slim. Then, he was reassuring and said: "No problem. Still got that. He will always be by your side. " Although afraid, but believe me, Du had closed his eyes despite his fate, hoping will feel more active and loves Du. Yet two days ago, thanks to his Swiss Travel message sent to the hospital but he did not answer. Until the evening, he was a private again:

- I'm going to go alone. He shot down.
A stream of tears flowing corners of the eyes where Swiss Travel to think he, thinking the old memories and some bad boy about to leave. "They do not eat meat to keep me" but how much more human. Du blame: their mothers are who brutally cruel and inhumane.

- Thuy Duong Nguyen Du No. 19.
English nurse interrupted her thoughts of Swiss Travel . "Then why was his turn," Du startled. Before entering the room, Swiss Travel and get his phone call: "subscribe you just call out of reach. Please call back later. " Had to call back later, but nothing useful. That is enough to understand it. From the other night, after receiving messages are now heard that Du. Always heard so much of that. Have you ever leave your phone out of battery the first day. Travel lightly swipe the tears, burned back to follow the nurse. Gone. All just a dream. A beautiful dream to me. But now, Swiss front door offers a minor surgery. That is true.

*** "Love in the most healthy world, flowers bloom between soft snow spread. I am listening to your heart speaks, the resounding question nostalgic affection .... "Ringtones phone rang Swiss Travel:

- Hello, baby you? You get up yet? for him ... I'm sorry about yesterday nhé! wonder why, then you are losing control again behave like that. You naughty girl, right? May that you awake. But no regrets, time ago. Last night on and was always restless, sorry to you too! He realized that " wine in new long-stay. "Forgive me me! He promised to keep his love in such pure water. Do not I?

Swiss Travel rubbing eyes, to pull oneself together and try to remember everything. Oh, they're the Swiss Travel dream, a horrible nightmare. Between Sweden and he offers nothing at all. Still the "most pure love of the world" that. May too! just a dream.


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