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One year ... a love story

T bargain this time a year before she met him. There is no particular impression, she watched him like a normal friend, but does not understand why they close quickly, and confided to each other all the joys and sorrows of life. Maybe because both he and she were not found true happiness in love, he has split with his girlfriend, her lover just broke up ...

One time short time passed, she felt very happy to talk to him and felt lonely, extremely odd when a date is not met him, maybe he did so. She and he has really brought joy to each other, help each other forget all sadness in life ... And so they love each other ... But she was silent because she was afraid of fate will not allow her to be happy. To one day, on 05.03.2008, he speak with her, he said, "I began to love you," she did not answer, just smiled for the story, he was furious with her because he thought she laughed. Suddenly she felt afraid, she told the truth, for he heard her, she did not know whether I should accept my love is not, because she has experienced love, full of bitterness, she was afraid she would hurt a again. But he told her he would never hurt her, because he understands the pain of love, I will be with her and care for her, love her forever.

But she needed time to think ... With the sincere heart of him, she did not want to lose him, on 03/07/2008 she was willing to do your girlfriend.

They've come together like that ...

Although the sky in two different, but their hearts are always facing each other. They fall in love with the most sincere heart, love she gave him did not bring a bit of a lie. He was afraid she does not like many people of his, but she told him that she loves him because he is him, because he was the one she loves so much.

She thought there Perhaps she was struggling to meet him once, but she was very surprised to hear him speak, he was preparing everything to come to her. Every day, every hour she and I are equally excited to meet, time passes slowly, but she felt very happy because she knew the sun in the other half is a person who is facing her.

22/05/2008 he took to flight, they met with a big smile, so happy. Both he and she were waiting for this day for ages. They already have the months very happily together, has brought endless joy to each other. She just wanted a quick last night, the day passed slowly for her to meet him, he can be with a little more, three weeks quickly passed quickly. 06/13/2008 was the day he must return to her reluctantly, she did not want him to see her cry, but tears still flowing, he hugged her tightly in my heart, brings warmth to her heart with legs up, comfort her, "Do not cry, I'll come back, only three weeks, three weeks later he will return to you." Yesterday it rained very big, she has little bit more narrowly lost him in the airport and he was just a little late flight delays. They have less than 5 minutes to bye. She watched him walk until he no longer see the ball anymore. She cried, cried so much, lonely, cold the night, but she still smiles on their lips, waiting on his back with her.

He had promise before go on with her, not enough three weeks later, he waits for her 04/07/2008 than 2 hours, distance she had seen him on the airport, he smiles with her arms out to welcome her. She has run very fast, swooping into his heart, he hugged her tightly in his arms ... So they are together again ... She is very happy, love more, appreciate him because he made her promise to He will stay and start a new life in a new country with her. Together they are happy, very happy, she helped him find a house, car, buying everything in the house ... odd. Together they prepare for his new life together, overcome all difficulties and hard work the day began. She began to understand him more, he knows everything, can do much. Much time with him, hear him tell stories, she felt her vision was too shallow. He helped her open hand. She was very proud when I walk along, telling her friends about him, for her he is a hero, she loves him more and more admired him more.

But indeed her destiny does not allow her to be happy. His feelings for her changed gradually over the years, I do not love her anymore. Perhaps the problems in her life have made him gradually away from her. One day last December her heart ache a short knife when she saw his eyes betrayed her. She went silent when he shared his bed with another girl, he accidentally pushed her and ignore her lying motionless in the ground to protect the other girls. She returned home the ancient capital of his nest and her ... The most heartbreaking to see what the girl does not want to see ... She was very sore, very sore eyes each time she saw pictures of him next to another girl. But she does not hate him, do not blame him because he was very good to her. But his image as a hero, a man best for her was gone. They separated in the loss, they have lost a most important part of their life. Although they broke up, but she is still beside him as a friend. She hoped that she could finally make his own rescue him from bad guys and girls just want to take advantage of him and his money, pulled him back to his real human. She hopes after she left him, he'll have a good life and peace, no advantage was wrong.

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