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One day a week, another lifelong memory

Let me call you so think he was going to cuoi.Suy acknowledged his failure, as not a man for sending me all the doi.Anh only bad actor on the stage of my life, do you really understand human me?

For the welfare of children, he had quietly withdrawn, but do not complain, if this sacrifice that is true friendship, in the moment that I recall, he was satisfied Then pray. He will remember the years of their being together.

Every person has the right to love and be loved. But romance is hard to explain, when A loves B and B loves C again ... For a man to find true happiness outside themselves, while maintaining morality, courage, tolerance know and suffering. The Creator always fair, while I love you, I was happy, then leave me, I deserve pain, he never resented. Maybe later his deep affection nobody will accept more. Before you, I have missed many opportunities, he did not have to be the temperamental predominance. He pursued it to someone who he loved most. You are that person! That you ought to know better than anyone else but!

Now I have nothing to say. Just please forgive me, pardon because he had emotional disturbance of children, past, let it go wa. I processed his lack of excitement, lack of enthusiasm, so that probably made me disappointed in him. Seemingly, in fact any need, but inside I contains a deep, quiet, what love is sincere to his people. Meet the need of swearing? Just three words "I love you" is enough.

I hope that they still retain their friendship forever!

TV! Girl he loves, in this very hour, let him be kissing you again. If I kiss you with all the deep love, my life will be nothing called remorse!

The only person I trusted in my life.

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By cadoi

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