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Oh the old days ...

my childhood and pleasant as the other kids. My first feeling about life as a gray because I am a "bastard." With my home town, that time is extremely bad things.

hard growing up in poverty, the poverty of central villages plus common knowledge " children without fathers "made me a permanent cover: taciturn, quiet, and ready" poodle "to anyone. I become aggressive and courageous, learned his friend to call me "monster "...
During the day I plugged the plug neck learned to" not losing any child whose father does in the classroom, "although she did not support my education stories. For her daughter spent much learning, literacy and whose husband is finished. But I'm still learning and still standing in the class for several schools.

I grew up like that, old students passed bland, no dreams, no memories and is not attention to us boys ...

So that one day I was in college 2nd year, has frozen hearts of my thoughts were before his error rate. He is not handsome, not rich, but it seems mature, confident and a bit of presence he has attracted me. But the situation as I saw him ironically: he was a school doctor, and I just ran the table for a little restaurant in the summer to earn extra money to worry about studying.

I am very angry at their seats, I told myself not "object" of his, as well as anyone. Inferiority of my heart than all other things, I think a daughter fatherless, poor family like me, do not dreamer. My heart told me to try to forget. In the meantime I really contradictory, although very much like to see me every day, but when I try to start something, I usually reply the speaker then flee away.
After some time, perhaps I found "not normal" so he did not try to talk to me anymore. Still, every day he went to the restaurant, as well as those who greet other patrons.

That summer for me so fast, it was time for me to be the city continued school. Three months passed, between me and him are just normal people who knew, without even taking a phone number to contact. I feel like I just lost something very precious. I miss him every day, every day ...

I dare not confide to anyone about my stupid love story, I dare not turn me into a soft front other. Friends still ask why do not you see I have a boyfriend. His friend just laughed and said the country "It really hate men!

At first I thought it might feel just a little troubled at first glance, a little dream of New big time, but later on, and until now, I know that love is not so simple. After graduation I still intact on his emotions, and filled with fresh ...
falling away from home but still I wait anxiously to the news and still miss him untouched. Have uncontrolled few times I've been desperately wrote to him with no envelope addressed to the sender. I'm sure he will not be able to guess who sent a letter to him that I, and he also can not remember anything about her "unpleasant" day.

Six years later since I met him, he got married. I am sad to know that despite the silence that is just my own dumb love. And the thing that amazed me was how the sun makes bad soil that after the marriage, the couple bought a house in my neighborhood! Until now, the occasional visit my family did not even dare look at his house, I do not know if I would be like if see you again.

For over 10 years, now I am also married. My wife and I love each other very happy and are living in places far from home to my beloved Central. However, in a very small corner of my soul, I still had memories of him, the vibrations of life so beautiful, so sad for me.

Milkyway, USA

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