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Oh my! England run out of money!

True 0h, Hung awake. Looking at his wife was holding me sleep, he turned away suddenly compressed sigh.
In the sample of 500 thousand he is no longer popular. Projects may have money, then pay off questions, am getting old way was found to take half. Hung said, and then again only a few hours, before putting the children to school, loves his wife will pull out immediately for inspection, then open the drawers faltered for a few hundred thousand laid for her husband added.

She has a knack for reading minds, all my feelings, particularly when you're stuck at work. Remember the scene last week, demanding he give her breakfast, and then withdraw money to pay himself, then ordered him to carry through the price, plant down by the nose into the ATM, withdraw 2 million. Quick count and divide by half, but his ego Hung men show themselves as breaking.

Past her sport or sports of any great cuisine sumptuous, sophisticated presentation by her out on the table, then discuss price, markets ... But now she completely avoids the words "sensitive" it. More frugal meal. She said "I will admit both the substance and then, eating too much protein is not good, many patients, they switch to wholesome vegetables."

There are tidbit for her husband, her own enthusiasm "war" vegetables - roots - fruits.

Think crimes, like the old days she ate nothing to asking for it. She loved to eat the rooster, chicken is old, hard boiled. She liked to adults Choe district, demanding graze the thigh, arms, head, sternum, and especially the dish "Chicken flowers."

Seeing her look several grandchildren fighting over a cup of "flower chicken" with warm memories that his mood smile. She is the youngest bride, the youngest, just over 8 years old kid should be in the husband's family, first as children, what follows is well to her style. Many have eyes Hung ahead after a fun, yet tucked into a pretty little mouth of her appetite. Also do not understand why her favorite dishes back then so odd.

Just thinking about this crisis lasted only until 2009, Hung has found and then numbness. Workers and employees, reduce salaries, reduce bonuses, downsizing. Business is stagnating. Goods are expensive. Hung newly hired, both individual businesses should be suffering, the joy of body parts to make your boss and his staff are understood.

This moment is when Hung found most difficult, most impasse. Just finished building, and debt, capital spending is not effective, the bank increased interest rates massively ... How much is the pressure surrounding her.

Referring to the money-back pain. Without her small child and the boy sits in the heart of the other parent, not sure Hung floating head. And will go bar, go drink constantly to forget the month.

But think how good her children, previously never worry about money. Never know how much his purse money. Yet now it is proved to satisfy, said spending, lifted as a housekeeper for real.

Also she does not know when to balance out a little account to the couple ran out of money pulled out a little. She said "there is a reserve fund." What are the true men earn and spend only that, hardly ever worry about the time "run out of bullets" like this.

fair to assume that her personality very well. Bloody well have a little business, and are determined not to follow her husband. She said, "You yourself, your family needs a solid world. I keep making money, every business, and you need a stable income and have little social status. Such children will grow up in a balanced environment, are proud parents. "

You know, sometimes working together with each other again arguing all day. Because he and her are two different styles, two different personalities. Overall score is the most dangerous stretch of two egos like two balls, touch it intensively Dop uncertain spots.

But then, suddenly loved his wife too, injured his wife too, saw her on the bed, little shoulder to shoulder with her husband, but suddenly beating heart arrhythmia.

wife lover! Perhaps, have more time I would still have demanded, still have to worry when he sighed, then sleepless night when he could not sleep. But it will not much longer. And he vowed to myself, would reduce grimaced, unprovoked irritability with children and baby.

Thank heaven and earth to attack this problem, so he realized he was happy to have you, have a family filled with love, compassion and sharing.

"Thuan wife upon her husband, draining the East Sea", now he is pleased that proverb. They were then going to sleep alone then, tomorrow is a new day, and will be a very nice day.

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