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Oh girl .... You boys need to know

Very simple, but extremely complex. Very weak, but extremely powerful, because it is ... You can guess who is not ?

If you kiss her, you are no good guys. But if you do not kiss her, you do not have a son.

If you praise her, she'll think you're lying. But if you do not say anything, then she said that you have nothing nice at all.

If you agree with her preference, then you are the right three. But if you do not, then you are not "understand" anything.

If you see her regularly, she said that you boring. But if you do not like that, she'll accuse you is twofold.

If you dress grooming, she told people you are playing. But if you do not dress like that, then you're a boring guy phèo.

If you are jealous, she said that like real bad. But if you're not jealous, she thinks you do not love her

If you slow down a minute, because she complained to wait long. But if she's late hours, then she'll say, "that daughter, who did that?".

If you have less than her, she will tell you cold. But you try to kiss her often see? She will scream that you are the preferred "abuse."

If you do not help her cross the street, you're right that "there is no morality." But if you help, she said that you "just a man or seduce women."

If you look at other women, she accused you or flirting and infidelity. But if she sees another man, she said it only expressed the admiration only.

If you said, she wants you to listen. If you listen, then she wants you to say.

But really did not know how at that time.


It's simple, but extremely complex.

Very weak, but extremely powerful.

It is difficult to understand, but everybody has been longing.

It's deplorable, but very wonderful, because she is ... DAUGHTERS!

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