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Now he hurt ... Pain is pain ... I know how to return

On this day - a day like any other day, my mood really heavy and stalemate?! Unlike what I hear, not just what I think, and very different from what I imagine ... suddenly everything turned
ash around it had no life in ruins

gloomy things to keep themselves to

and go 1
suddenly no prior notice
affordable life it is so uhm

cruel irony
hp hard to not perhaps

k forever be with two letters to the DC titled "hp" Yeah?
want full hp as other people but I guess

hp easy find but hard to hold his hand to Address

hp touch again but the road is tough QA

qa can overcome it with confidence
confidence in a person
and it still wants to go because it promised to perform for very private

someone very loved:) k stellar systems it go
What began as long as it stopped holding ...???
reasonable effort h `Here it becomes hopeless ...???
droplets Its eyes have become meaningless ...
feel very awkward helplessness &
can not do anything but sit there thinking ...
& wait

away crying then it must be born on
crying just because two words "faith"

wonder how much is enough to touch
happy ...???
to for now ... to many strange feeling ... probably not happy with their own smile today ... but tomorrow or a bit longer than a day ... to nurture it back for two kids ... hok ... right over? = X I can not bear it anymore ... but the stars apart ... guilty love nothing ... he sun for two kids miss this ... We have b 'How smile ... b 'how the tears of happiness ... : ((Unfair injustice so ... now ... walk out the door and stood face to see ... 8 -
around how much ... happy smile - her smile as well ... happy happy - but the pain in my heart ...:) ... her smile:-j ...
like he does not love me enough ...
Ukm ... only
will be remembered again ... definitely would certainly be far from enough pain to stop ... crying painful enough to torment us
them yourself ...
can not live together as old as
paths for the two of us here!.
from here ... the two will have a happy new ... but please do not forget what had for each other for one week only
à let alone a month for each missed a day.
"18-5 days nhé" Address such as
sure? [first day cover of love that]
someday ... miss you, just me my only smile ... because he is always in my memories of that = x
probably due to many factors or reason something that is not DC b 'that we "have dropped" .... and ... "Lost" together.
only = yes; please understand each other as had other news ...
now a broken love ...
how love is mixed with the tears so sweet that it just wipes deleted ... .. . a break even situation nobody wants ....
but for me to sit deep into a corner ... but think ... if we continue, there can be one b ... 'where ... we'll see each other less than usual ... like I will keep hold of love so ... eh em ... Exciting hok?
not exchanged words mercy that far more that ... the two are in pain ...
stood up to the sky and screaming ... why love hok to DC with each other but love each other ... why must suck to swallow bitter How tears.
heart hurt because someone - heart broken because tan - who have not heard anything - people have b 'what hok - bc everyone has' a particular way.
way we have
go through ... I dropped a little sad.
A bit lonely.
A little fragile.
I dropped a little scared.
A bit bewildered.
dropped a bit dreamy.
A little soul.
A little clear where the fundus.
A little Foolish.
A bit naive.
I dropped the piece of hope.
I do not want to wait and trust.
I lost a part of faith. ình like that ...
I dropped the dreams, aspirations.
Although never cease fire within us, but we can not continue along the journey.
I dropped to miss.
dropped on the old eyes.
dropped nights sleep only to look back tomorrow, so we are looking anxiously, was smiling when I found i * silhouette of him.
No ...
I dropped the old days.
I dropped by the day was over, the journey has come not know when the new find.
sometimes want to go back .
But look hun long way behind the smoke are smaller, ...
I know one thing, we can never find again, forever, ... I
remember the old days. Remember the thrill as familiar dial phone, just to please myself, that I will never forget, never forget ...
Why all far, far away and children.
The desire for it.
The dream I have nurtured it grows.
To know that dreams are born just to dream, to be second only to our hi expectation, waiting for us ...
Craving a kid, I am not a big ...
once again be saying I love them very much with the beloved. Craving is Foolish, stupid.
Craving is one of those days ...
I have no tears ago.
I have put behind strange nostalgia of a people has come through.

indifferent ... wishes that I was once the old days.
To continue dreaming None.
To wish to remember.
To find yourself alone.
To laugh spontaneously. manic way he could return to the paths we have traveled, as many long road ahead is waiting for us. The way not to distant dream How early ...
I have tried to find again.
But k can forever.
What we dropped down to run away from me, to fall into the domain of nothingness and a far past.
old days! now just a piece of blue glass, far away from ...
To take back what was past, to spend it,

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