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A not believe I was ... goodbye!

A tumor sits day.1 gia.nho cold winter afternoon on a thuong.Gio e.nguoi here a daughter does not know a Left What ...? When losing a confidence that will lose a lot of other things ... a sharp pain on each heart contraction con.Quan ... too cold ...

A do not deny there are times when a deliberately angry e ae e Obstinate binh.A like fun to look at that gian.Nhung e hon.That is even more adorable ... hate e know e hy.Nhung important a, vs how much? A do not fear the end of angry e gian.E will now only because a person know I can not speak long sentences duoc.E vs a.Nhung a split that is not in fact know e noi.a know I still love ... more lam.Chi a.nhieu because no angry e mak mak thoi.E always like that ... There is no reason that e can be split e vs a duoc.Co probably need more time to think, to calm lai.A think so ...
When no longer trust the people can hope for is a something not? Vs others, a non biet.Nhung a still know a fist E, never held a real chat.Chua want such as e fist nay.A lonely and empty too ak e? E is why ...? A do not know what happened not in the EA vs em.a not biet.mak e could not have known for a ...
A will wait until the return e xua.A next day will be a life ... as a message because we never leave each other ....///

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