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The next bus ...

You know, love is like someone is waiting for the bus. When the bus comes, you look up and say to yourself: "Well, then ... no car seats are filled, you wait for the next stop that."
So you ignore the current, wait a second. As to the second car, you looked back himself up and muttered: "How old is the baby car, too shabby." And you did not step up to the car, wait for the next sitting.
A little later, ran to the car Tuesday. This car is not old, not crowded, but you are still not satisfied: "The car has no air conditioner, I tried to wait for the next stop."
Again, you ignore the current vehicle and wait for the next. The sky is dark, and also seems late. Pirates of the tongue you jump up the next bus, and soon you discover that you select the wrong car haha!
So, you waste time and money while waiting for what you want! Even if there is an air-conditioned buses run to, not sure this bus was able to satisfy your standards, because who knows the car air conditioner is too cold, the stars.
Dear friends, want everything to her as her desire is a mistake. So, if you do not feel afraid, just try to embrace an opportunity to see stars. Suppose you feel that the bus does not make you happy, you just press the red button, and down at the nearest parking facilities, simple as that.
Does anyone dare say that life is fair ... abbreviations The best we can do is be observant and open to observation. If the bus is not for you, skip down. But you must always have another backup to be used on subsequent trips.
But do not ... I'm sure you probably had this experience before. You saw a bus run to (of course you want the car) you waved the car, but your driver pretended not to see you leave the station and you're waiting. This car is simply not for you then.
last word of this story is, like the feeling of waiting for a bus dream. You jump on a car, that is it acceptable for a chance, and everything now depends entirely on yourself. If you do not have a specific decision, walk. Walking is like the love that is not ready. Good side of it is that you can still choose any bus you want. Those who do not want to wait more then happy with the bus they have chosen.
Also add one more thing ... Sometimes the choice of a bus is better than familiar to choose a risky weird cars. But of course, life is not something that would be perfect if lack of adventure in it.
Still a bus that I forgot to tell you - without your car to wait. The car stopped on its own, invited into your car and you make the same journey of a lifetime to perfect.
You never lose the love both.
You always lose by halting only.

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