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New Year's gift of love gift?

the air sweet taste of spring, love will surely be your first thought and wanted to give a gift meaningful. But gift giving is an art, and more importantly, you have to know what gift to match the emotions and your relationships.

There are many factors you must calculated. For you and how long she had been dating? Your relationship and he is fresh, sometimes through deep and long-term, or something more? Does the time of your gift will be your private moments with her family or in front of him?

kind gifts you should avoid to become a man broke into the New Year? How much you should spend much else for the new year is just a gift?

Here are the "rules rules "basically gives you the correct choice for you.

New love, time through

If you love her and just love each other or you do not "determine" what is clear to this relationship, and you are only dating each other less three months, even now you still open your heart to the other choice, then you should really consider when choosing a gift.

gifts suitable for Your relationship should be something fun, interesting and not too expensive, for example, does not exceed 200 thousand. Because your emotions are just beginning, but extremely new and explore, so gifts should show it.

You should avoid these items as a realistic material used in the kitchen or something the like. What the "serious" as expensive jewelry also completely irrelevant, or what's too much like a romantic drama "Romeo and Juliet tickets are also extremely counterproductive.

love actually

Love actually be calculated from the time you officially "talk" to each other about their love. Although you may not get engaged or living together but you have been in a relationship has long been defined, usually you have passed the 6 months of dating and meet every week at least 2 - three times.

A suitable gift for your lover to have more sense than at present for new love and value the gift may be from 200 thousand to 500 thousand. A romantic gift can be very appropriate, it suggests the two of you remember the happy times together and what fun that you can enjoy together.

Love the long term

A long-term relationship, is serious when you can have live, has engaged and being married, or you've loved for years.

With love like this, you should give gifts not only in what they want to get into the new year but also what they really need.

You will not need to hesitate to do if you give your loved one something that has a value above 1 million or more (if you can). It could be a good support for the home or what items are necessary for your lover, but do not forget to remember the necessary elements of a romantic gift. Because that is what love is always needed.

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