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Never give up dream

first day of school, the professor of chemistry class my class introduces himself to students in the class. Then we take the time to get acquainted with each other. Of times when I stood up looking around, then noticed a gentle hand placed on his shoulders. I turned back and realized it was the lady with small stature, wrinkled skin, smiling at me with a smile brightens her whole face.

She said

- Hello, handsome guy. My name is Rose. I am 87 years old. Can I hug you all right?

I smiled and happily replied

- is of course, madam! - And she hugged me tightly.

- Why do college-age young and innocent like this? - I asked jokingly.

She smiled

- I came here to find a famous man, a soul to love and be together, have a several children, and then retire and travel around the world.

- She said you serious? - I asked. I'm curious to know what prompted her to challenges such as her age.

- I always dreamed of being on a college and now my dreams are made it! - She told me.

After class ended we went to the student union building with each drink a glass of chocolate milk. We soon became friends with each other. Daily during the next three months we always leave class together and talk to each other incessantly. I've always been fascinated by "time machine" when listening to her share wisdom and experience of her life with me.

Over the year, Rose became a character expression subjects in universities and easy to make friends with everyone. She likes to dress elegantly, with character and happy with the attention that other students to focus on yourself. She always live in hope that drunk.

At the end of course we invited Rose to speak in a dinner and I will never forget what she gave us . She was introduced and stepped up to the lecture podium. When you start speaking, she dropped the piece of paper notes to the floor. Somewhat awkward and embarrassing moment she leaned into the microphone and said:

- Sorry you, I was a bit nervous. I gave up beer and switched to alcohol wines Lent and this is killing me! I never sort of what I would say, let me tell you simply what I understood.

When we laugh, she started taking voice and

- We stop playing because we grow old, but in fact we get older because we do not play anymore. Only in secret to keep her young forever, happiness and success.

First, be sure to laugh and find humor in everyday life.

Monday, you see every day is a new day with new things. Who lives in the past, prejudices of yesterday will not have the opportunity to believe and understand people. You pleased with the experience who can share it. Be patient, believe in the human heart and do not look at a mistake with which to break all the good things will come in the future. The adventure so do not hesitate to change your life.

Tuesday, you must have a dream, an aspiration. When you lose the dreams that you will die. There were too many people in the manner that we die and they do not even know about it!

Wednesday, with major differences between the older and more mature. If you are 19 years old and lie in bed for a year without doing anything useful, you will become 20 years old. If I am 87 years old and kept in bed for a year and not do anything, I will become a 88-year-old grandmother. Anyone who must grow up and grow old. But that does not lose the talent and ability of you. The problem is that growth by always finding the opportunity to change.

Thursday, never regret. Adults usually do not regret what I have done that will regret what they did. Only those who fear death or new regrets.

She concluded her presentation by boldly singing "Rose Petals." She had us sing that song and lyrics that are now becoming familiar with the everyday life of us.

At the end of the year, Rose has completed undergraduate degree that she started many years ago. A week after graduation Rose passed away peacefully in a way that is sleep. Over two thousand students attended her funeral with all respect, love for a woman injured wonderful life was used as the example illustrates that: "It's never too late to do is all what you can do in life. "

George Bernard Shaw - University psychology professor Kentucrky United States.
Source: Village Xitrum
ST: Thu Hien

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