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Never abandoning his love

story begins with a guy named Paul and a girl named Ella. Both are college students.
One summer day, the two first met on the school's basketball court. Incidentally, they were playing a ranked team. That day both are very fun.

At home, Ella pretended to ask the phone and call Paul on his machine. So she has some of Paul. Then, send a message to Ella Paul, pretending I wrong number. Paul answered back. Ella again to send another message. So, their message across. From the message, they moved through the phone call. From talking on the phone, they date to meet. And then to love when they do not know. Both of these ideas, they will be together for a lifetime. Their love will be eternal.

But parents Ella does not think so. They argue that Paul is not commensurate with Ella and that nonsense about love now will destroy the bright future of their daughter.

Ella is not strong enough to fight with his parents. Ella to tell her. Paul is not strong enough to fight with Ella Rose save the love of two people. He only has a single choice: to step out of her life Ella. Ella was forced to study abroad. So the two lose contact.

Painful truths. But then everything is over.

Five years later, both men are now grown and independent, Ella is still single and Paul, there are other lovers, Mary. But deep down soul, Paul just loves her Ella single only. Just, do not you get a chance to tell her that.

One time, the streets are with Mary, Paul accidentally saw Ella. She really just stand across the street only. Only he had a stride. My heart stopped. Really do not know myself doing anything else, the people he ran across the road, leaving Mary to stay behind. Themselves and silly, he has not seen a truck is coming.

At Mary is horrified screams at Ella turned to look back. She realized her face, her eyes. Her heart stopped.

Ella dive into a crowd gathered. Paul still breathing. Besides he now is Mary, who said in tears: "Paul, he must not give up ... please call me, call 100 times, in 1000 a thousand times ... would not you? Do not stop, call your name ... do not close your eyes, he opened his eyes ... and please do call me ..."

Paul was taken to hospital. Both Mary and Ella are followed. They do not know each other. Each person stood a angle, then bow.

The doctor reappeared, standing in front of Mary and said: "She is Ella, I'm sorry, he gave up after calling she was 157 times. We have tried our best. "

Mary broke a sob, she does not care about the physician who had the name wrong.

Only Ella, who collapsed shaky corner is understood. She knew why Paul stopped at 157 th. Because that is the day they separated. July 15. Five years, she had abandoned her love to 5 years. And now the pain is a thousand times before on excavations in her heart. Pain.

If you really love someone, do not leave him. Never leave. Because you may not know, love what it means to him first. Sometimes it costs a whole network of people. Please respect and preserve their love. Fight for it. And you will never regret ..

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