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Nature in before the wedding

"I like this color and she is definitely interested. Then you should marry a young child requires phased anything goes "- Marine surprised by the attitude of tough fiancé.
And that is, two people go to buy curtains for the wedding room. Marine creamy smooth like cream, while Royal like flowers in green cloth. Previously, Royal Marine and now I still feel she has to do so, he had to work hard, but for now, it is not necessary anymore.

But if only this story is not. When asked the price, Royal processing less expensive and require. Owner of said right is not reduced by any money, but he kept all the way ni bargaining forever, each time raising the price up a bit, more and more irritable because her owner did not change his mind. Seeing the beautiful form that the price difference is not much compared to the place was watching, the Marine said: "Well, she was giving them my deposit and fitting way to ease fears. Yellow eyes generic: "Put something mounted, so add one for you free, go right." Along the way, he explained to Water as a wife to ask her husband in everything, that you must learn to save every dollar, new bag straps worn a bit they have left is not right, finished her wedding will do all the spending to help children become familiar sticky ...

Water - level 3 teachers in Tu Liem, Hanoi, was 29 years old, her fiance past age 35 should both parties family is very excited when they put together on the launch and want to know whether they are held together less than a year. Wedding room, trays were placed, wrote invitations, and wedding photos have been showing throughout the body.

Then one evening, when parents who froze Shui daughter announced: "No wedding What else would, I give him. Turns out he just arbitrarily just stingy, do it. Ate new questions have revealed evidence that the faults that I hate, no wedding is complete understanding also reveal what ".

For wedding story was posted everywhere, she convinced her parents, and mobilizing the whole relatives forced marriage "pulled by rice husk ash warrant on the family and also myself who crave the procession hours later again." Despite her parents force, the man blamed, the galaxy detractors, she has resolutely refused to marry.

Story broke just before the wedding day after discovering a zero or any it is not rare in your life. Barrow said Tran Thi Hong Ha, Center for the love of her marriage and family took many customers have said this. A woman phoned her Ha, urgent matter: During the time to understand each other, the man she always proved so ga-wheel, gentle and calm. What there is disagreement, he would gently persuade, never loud. After eating a question, during a disagreement about preparing for the wedding, he slapped his fiancée in front of everyone.

"Although he has apologized, has justified How, then I can not marry, because it is a manifestation of abusive behavior, violence "- she said. Family protests, saying when asked to eat, took the invitation as "games played boat", from the marriage would embarrass the family. Therefore, she calls to mind the consultants to strengthen resolve.

Should stop and think

fact that the pair broke up abruptly when the wedding is usually ready by one of two people found "partners" have a bad computer that they can not accept or something unexpected, or in the past, which is hidden carefully.

To convince the other person myself, many people delayed unnecessarily very well the personality traits that they know is not good, close to the wedding day, when I feel has been definitely tied together to reveal the new. And then, not least the decisive break.

"I think these are the brave" - ​​Hong Ha expert reviewers. According to her, if discovered in your future life a certain point can hinder live happy, even if the wedding was being prepared, you should be postponed to at least think twice to see the "black spots" that two people can overcome or accept each other.

To the family, to see relatives want to delay or stop the wedding for this reason should not be pressured to protest , for "losing face" a bit better than the unfortunate children in marriage.

Many people do not dare to face pressure, has to float tongue because things have to be Police think all or abdomen after the wedding will seek to "improve." And then they had to early divorce or an unhappy life.

The story of Le, 28, Vinh, Nghe An, is an example. Close to the wedding, she discovered the whole - his lover, who is white flowers, in recent years still love her to bed with her boyfriend and is paired with a woman divorces her husband. Le require breaking up, but the whole oath that from now on it will give up bad habits.

Thinking that everyone already knew I loved the whole time, "the most precious daughter," also gave him, if removed, it will be hard to get Le had forgiven her husband. But after the wedding, he is proof that it disabled. When she tried to put off the determination to discover her pregnancy. Le wait a sturdy stomach thinking of a divorce, but over time, the more determined to wear it, she lives in constant pain.

Therefore, experts recommend that people want marriage should think twice. And monitoring to avoid wedding day to realize his true together, your partner should understand thoroughly the future, creating conditions for them to reveal true character in these situations, the specific impact of life in different relationships.

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