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My mother

A moving story of an anonymous author received via e-mail from a friend in Malaysia, look forward to sharing with everyone

Throughout childhood and both grew up, I always hated my mother. The main reason is probably because she only has one eye. She is entitled to ridicule classmates, my sarcasm.

My mother for raising my cooking school. Once her to make me make me feel embarrassed. Why can she do this to me? I ignored her away, threw her a hateful look and ran full. The next day, one of the kids in class shouted: "Hey, I saw it. I only have one eye eyebrow."

I just want to bury my shame to the ground. I just want her to disappear from my life. From school that day I said to her: "I just want to turn into a joke."

My mother said nothing. Also, I did not heed to those words, because at that moment my heart filled with anger. I did not heed her mother's feelings. I just want to get out of the house, not to do with my mother. So I try to study hard, and finally, I get a scholarship to study in Singapore.

Then I married, bought houses and have kids. My wife is the family home, I hid her about her mother, saying only his orphaned childhood. I am satisfied with life, with his wife and children and the material comforts I had in Singapore. I bought her a small house, sometimes secretly send his wife donated some money on her, told himself so full duty. I forced her not to do with me.

One day, her sudden visit. For years she did not see me, even she had never seen her grandchildren. When you see an old woman looked as flood front door, my kids laughed at her, a little frightened. I'm just worried and angry wife I know professional, and shouted: "How dare you come here as I fear that? Go from here now!". My mother only answered softly, "Oh, sorry, I'm wrong address!" and quietly walked away. I did not even contact her for a long time. As a child, my mother made me tease you with their shame, now I was to cripple the child's life are you?

One day, received an invitation letter sent to the old school side of the door, my wife is lying to travel. After the meeting, I visited her house, out of curiosity than to visit his mother. Several neighbors said that my mother had died a few days earlier and thus have no relatives, social security office was attentive funeral.

I do not get a small tear. They handed me a letter she left me:

"I love you,

When did she think of me as well. I apologize for daring Singapore through surprise and make you fear. I am very happy to hear about the school going children to attend the meeting, but she feared she did not step out of bed to stand there looking at me. I regret that I have make me ashamed of friends during their children to school here.

You know, last I was little, I have an accident and lost one eye damage. I can not sit still looking to grow where only one eye, so she gave me her mother's eyes. I've sold everything she can to doctors can replace the human eye, but she never regretted it . I am very proud because I was so human, and her pride for what she has done for me. I've seen a whole new world, in the eyes of the mother, instead of her ..

I love you too, Mom
Source: Youth

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