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My love story

I do not remember, the first 365 days before I met you. This day of the year and before I knew how sad. And fate has for me to see you, my heart knows which ring tunes love. Day I arrived, I like to live full lives just pink.

365 days have passed, love, jealousy, remembrance, anger ,......... . provides numerous levels of love. I remember the first kiss was in my life, so sweet and passionate. He told me to look at the sky, I'll show you see meteors. He says meteor passed by so fast, when he placed a kiss on my lips too, they hastily turned away shyly. Yet she has run away on you, because I did not know marriage, because his lips are sweet too, because your arms too tightly, because my heart beats too fast, and because I knew I was loved.
When I dream They recognized his side, in addition they also have more than one other girl, I'll see my heart breaking into a hundred pieces painful. Then they upset me, I cry every night because I miss back intolerable. Do not you dare go on the road where we went through, did not dare to places we've been to, as well as anything I remember remembrance anh.Em because I love you.

When you feel your heart so much misery, not coldly rejected his call was the moment I miss you to my heart cramps. I can not live much more in remembrance. I walked past hurts because I love you.

I on my side, devoted and hard working, just hope he can bring moments of peace and quiet, because his life I have so much bitterness. He went with her, with her attempt what. When both you and her, his cold and how to behave with children? Does anyone know of our relationship, except me - me - and my family?
I'm like the invisible shadow of that period, only to forget myself for him. Because I really do not know the ambiguity between him and her. I ignore all because I love you.
When she suggested they sit together talking, you know really between him and how she is. You would not believe if she did not believe me see the lines between him and her, I would still believe him now as before if you message me what she memorized Peak wall so, I will always respect his cult if minute sex with him over what she had not as passionate as your side. I just listened and said nothing, the pain can not say the world as loi.The collapse before your eyes. Who loves the world, first you love someone, you have given me faith, hope, dreams ,............... much love, sex salt concentration, timid, shy, passionate, passion! So, you really angry because I love you.
I went, I remember? He
How do you still remember?
I have returned, not they are weak, but because I love you.
Then once you have pain, as he stood waiting for him and her forever, come out from the hotel. I told her if you love me and have the courage to give his daughter away, replace them bring love and devotion to him. But are not there to torment her again, I apologize, and admit him to her is not love. Never once said that he loved her.
When you know you are angry, know that you can not, how he had treated her, you remember? She cried with me, he very much sir.
I do not laugh, she is not ironic. You see more business. Because I love you.
I still know her outside, he was the other girl.
She left me, he took me out on his family and asked for permission to marry me. I thought that the storm has passed.
But he still occupied by something traveling very far, but I know its not the place to be with him. He unprovoked jealousy, anger instantly, his pride to high and beat me to the doctor fell over many times. I know I am wrong, my fault, because only love him but do not know how right and wrong.
I know, my first love should also clumsy foolish not to accept the loving embrace people love me again other. Then we did what human nature when eating wedding together? And a sister again he was like when ... together? He and many other girls were like when he said love you, marry you ..................?????
I do not blame you, no more, no anger, because what I do have reasons. Possibly because of interest, perhaps because friends can be mad at me because he new so ....... numerous thousand million reasons.

I'm just angry I love you so much.
He said he is a loyal man
He says he loves you so much
He said you make me angry to some he can not lose my love.
He painted many good things when I got married
house, the kids
Right now, I still side.
I do not want to mention what you do is wrong or right. I just do not understand why he did not admit what he did?
You obstinate, childish and stubborn, so you can not understand his controversial comments. But you know, my heart is always honest and pure, loyal love. Hurts a lot, cry a lot, because I love you.
I'm very sorry for his parents.
I really loved his family, much as I love you so
For Parents I was not disappointed but what can you live with him?
How long he remains so, always looking to alcohol as sad, always dating other girls because of their purpose. ... When you love me, love a man, and he now has the others.
I apologize for making him believe that she was pleased with everything.
I would I apologize for not smart enough to help him at work.
I apologize because I did not have much to help him in his career.
I apologize because I do not enough patience to see him drunk love the others.
I hope you be honest with who he will marry, no matter for what purpose, I do not make them suffer like me.
resentment I'll child how much, but then he will thank you.
I just wanted to be with him, he goes through life with the words they sing "and so I have loved each other." But that only happens when you abandon the current way of life, as he more simply, do not lie ... I know that day will never come first, but I still go, to wait ...

I apologize because that was true, I love you
I apologize because I have love you, love you so much.

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