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My heart belongs to you already

You !!!
He has just wandered alone, by yourself quietly mused thoughts and felt sad too, he should feel tonight is true, but somehow I still feel sad.

Maybe I was too angry with him and the man himself does not understand why he so, after every meeting I kept wondering about him ever again, I thought why am I so shy child, he remained confident that her and I can do what I thought, but somehow related to what do you love so shy. How many times have you tried looking for the opportunity to express his feelings for you but until then he would have the opportunity to lose to it to regret, to torment yourself
see you, see you smile, a relaxed smile, so innocent and thought he had a dream that one day the smile and think it will fully compensate for life that his inner lives. And I thought, dreamed, he felt his feelings really special, more and more I want to meet you more than want to confide in and wanted to see you smile more. Maybe he was wrong when he gave many reasons to see you but all that I just want to be heard and understood me more than it!. He always blame themselves, why just because you want to talk to you that I have laid out the reasons supporting them and double as .... Why do not you talk about but I think the sadness that you're opposed to, you are wrong, I'm not fair, right?

Anyway, everything is just beginning to be no children, there must be something I think is also where you baby, life is so that there will be many surprises that I will not predictably, the many times he has also upset because the thought process of his self-confidence. He was to themselves by themselves, but not just so that I allow myself to think that what I could do.

I love!

These days, for he is great, every day after work he was about to meet you all, I was going out and holidays, then go to chat with you. I can not doubt that in the period in which his main worry for most career then he met a girl that he feels happy, peaceful and happy, at least every meet and talk. Did not know how many times I wanted to tell everything what I think, let me know and hope that you will receive his feelings. You know, things could have made me sad and also they are worried and do not want to think more about other issues, why do not you share with me baby, I wanted to understand more and you know Where he can do something the child star.

Anyway, I still love that, I love you and I want to do everything to make you understand that . This time do not know what you're thinking, did not sleep and I have learned that the only way a distance of only children, have a child who is thinking about it. The house he lives with two people you've slept and then his left alone too empty. His inner life is so, but he must fend for myself, tomorrow will come and one day he will have the opportunity and bold enough to speak directly with you that how much you love me, I do not want them to be cautious and keep their distance so, I believe we will overcome all the difficulties I encountered on the road of life

I love you more

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