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My first love!

A summer passed and I started to step into a new school year, entering the final year student of life, something that has a eager to mix a little washed out of my regrets. "Why do not find a girlfriend to have a little more than memories of the time these students?" Question suddenly flashed through my head.

Boy friend introduced me to my . As with an invisible string was pulling us closer together and she became my girlfriend, that thought has become reality. Now I know you just want someone to go out there first with me, rather I just want to know the feeling of "love" is like.
I do not know why do you know a person like me, a very normal person, normally a genuine way, not handsome, not talents, not rich. Yet they still accept me the way to go overall, does not require and does not compare to the other girls.

One time, I took my hand and talk to it "if you that hugging other girls are chit with me. " I could not help laughing when I heard this statement. The holidays, indeed, the day would be a holiday for us, we are together when possible, each time with you I wish to stop time, everything will stop, just me and you ... I want to be with you, want to see your smile, babble to be pretty cute little noses of me, ... I love everything you are. I want to say "I love you" with her but do not understand why I dare not say, I think I just saw the gesture, my eyes for you then you understand my feelings for you. I do not care what you like, do not ask why I love you, I simply love you I love you. Now I know the feeling of "love" is how, now I hate myself in the past, speaking in fact love you but nothing called "love" at all.

On the 18th birthday of the child, the day when I can not forget. I, you and those you love most that I have attended the same birthday, it really special and also "not like anyone." That was the day that I feel happiest in life. I thought you were my daughter will go through this life. But ...
Two days after my birthday, I met and I still like every day. I felt there was something insecure. Then what next to it, they asked me about a conversation that I could not remember, "he has done in my ID memory is?". You mad at me and said I did not care about you. I tried to explain but I also did not mind the words I said, I just cry and cry. Every time I see a girl crying in front of me, which I like a sticks, do not know do not know what to say. Yes, I do not care much about what I thought was "odd." "But I know why now eh, that's my man, is evil or good, it also creates his nature." That night I had the phone say goodbye to me, I was crying again and add one where you also know that the sides of the line where he is also crying out to you, the girl he loves!
When away from me You know I'll see you for nothing, I do not care anything for them, even a shirt you can not buy for you, I can not stand this. True love and money are two very different children, but that's just theory, the reality is it might be different. In fact there are many people out there more than one guy "genuine normal" like me. I do not want later meeting someone other than you, than you again for all the children away from me, I do not want to do that, then maybe he would not be him. I think of it, then he wants something to be a challenge, if you understand me then I will accept all, love all things of him, just as I love you ...

I hear you say you have a new boyfriend. "It's me from you only a lie," he always said to my heart so. But two years have passed, now that I think you've met the person than him in all that. He sad I ah, I just want to drink to sleep but can not remember about you, but ironically, the more he drank the more obvious the shadow. He misses you, I want to hear your voice, want to see your angel smile. But you can not, I really can not, because now I have a new lover, I just hope that that person love you like i loved you. If you have a chance to meet him in the street, then give me a smile that he loved me ok.
"I remain forever present in his heart, forever ..."

by thangtbxx

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