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My first love

There was no true sense of this meeting!
I have never said a single word!
just that the times I accidentally saw her walk through the school yard full of sunshine!
Only those torus excited ecstatic smile on my soul the thief was watching her!
Just ignore those silly on eyes, lips of an innocent girl, in the morning!
are similar only during the quiet months on a general roofing
Only the naive dreams of a boy before the age of emotion student virgin!
Only a dream away in his sleep with the beautiful love of his adolescence!

That was ....
But I can not doubt, feelings gently, that virgins can haunt me so. Can not stop thinking about her, calling her name not only in a remote domain in the subconscious. It's weird, feeling like I've changed. She is thinking about thinking about the cool rain on the green prairie grass, the clouds closed ken impartial commission a corner of the sky, as the afternoon sea breeze calm listening dreamily. Images she has given me so much hope, so many dreams and so many concerns ...

Yes! I worried and conceptualist. Did I love? Someone said that love is strange things, it came unexpectedly exciting. Love can come in the sweet words of love, the lyrics were very much ... For me, perhaps, it was love at first sight! I sometimes tell myself that it's just temporary feelings of adolescence, before a full attract the opposite sex. Will pass so fast! But watch out I was wrong. Sentiment was growing on a young heart. A strange urge ... There are still barriers between me and her. It was an almost perfect: beautiful, good student, well-off family, gentle temperament, cute ... she's around the boys enjoy the flowers, and almost all the things I wish about myself. Sometimes, the things that make my own self that as: you do have the idea that motor huh? The frog is another step!. But, how my heart began to be obedient! Every day she saw them laughing your party, disinterested in those who take to arms again ... I felt so unhappy for unrequited love can not escape. What is to come, when I can not stand these was hurt to think about his love for her, I was exposed to risk and talk to her. And uttered words I have repressed for so long now, "I like it." Of course, I anticipate also came, she refused and wanted to be friends. I quietly accepted that one obvious way germs serene ... but still bitter salt on the dry corners of lips ...

After that, I embarked on new targets, the challenge remains to forget to act "first love" thing. Swiftly goes well 4 years, since I once confided to her. I became a different person. I've achieved quite a lot and always thought that DC had forgotten ... but still, I still obsess over a ball past me crying silently in the quiet nights, the sound of sad gold strike in the dark. I realized that maybe I had "loved" her so much, beyond what I imagined. No surprise that the emotions, the vibrations of life fondly back deep in me can be so ... I'm afraid ... afraid my heart will hurt again in each sleep, vaguely lonely again while collecting gold flooded road past the old ways, afraid of the sun drops impartial recall how the old sweet memories ... Just ask someone to love me, but I declined. Because, I can not forget her, not ready for a serious love ... And so, my desire to see a DC again virgin smile of her eyes were full of ecstasy stole my soul about five years ago, I want to feel the presence, her existence in my life. Because she has occupied a large part in my heart ...

my first love it was never started and never finished ... I am still trying to write to it emotionally ... every day, every hour, every minute, every second .... call me ....

By vancongtrinh

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