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My first love

Passengers noticed! TN18 train from Hanoi - Saigon was coming to the station, Nam Dinh, passengers with tickets going from site preparation to keep the luggage on board.

Language sister radio station, Nam Dinh I hastily pulled Luggage rang his standing at court No. 2 to waiting ships.
Yes, that train has changed the look of my way of thinking, to train at 22h30 'after control procedures My ticket was done to give the person sitting next to her chair so I can have a perfect sleep.
So the first night on board, I am awake clearly see the faces of brothers and sisters sitting near me. They are all passengers from north to south for a new career. Like me, you step foot on the ship had left many with the eyes, the ones waving goodbye to your loved ones. Even those who left halfway up the tears of love. With this, I do not have, but on the train that brought him to me.
England, at that time he was a staff ticket control, merely that he himself can do vay.The the heart never once asked to speak to my beats when his eyes caught looking.
I love you, with a pure love, not a little profit, not slightly measurement calculations. But it seems that only with love alone is not enough that it requires a combination of harmony between two souls, the same tone of thought ... He and I did not get it.
Time used him, I have lived and worked as a driving force. Each time sad tired at work, just be his call, to hear his voice, was heard saying "I miss you" as I like to forget all the fatigue, the anxiety, but rather that's the joy, the happiness of lovers.
And then the love that was shown by him to visit me. I know his work and busy with such a distance, he has touched me and my feelings for him are also multiplying.
We met one morning, with few game is all I do not know where he went to the tp, Vung Tau narrow it. And he and my location is selected that is a drink in the hydrofoil terminal.
Love between me and him is just so simple and rustic, not steamy romantic drama as welding, but here is a simple, flat over time.

And then ... "First love burning love filled
But do expect to say farewell," The loves to go fast and surprisingly well. Data that is affordable by fate?
"Little King of love also deposited somewhere
Send a lifetime with him again grace the sky" have you gone, gone and I do not know at the sky so that he can understand my heart?

"A budding love has faded

In sharp flavor of how the bitter

I with him are two entirely different

Chung heart but opposite views "And now ...

"You go and I stayed here

With love unfinished beginning

One love how I forget

defragment sky When grace has long "

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