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My beloved!

Last night, sat eating lunch with two children, he deliberately did not mention today is my anniversary, to see if it is remembered the mother of it?

Read the newspaper now, that children are their parents pampered pets, and they gradually damaged, and eat with the Joneses, I feel more worry for the two her child better than you, sir, is my father had put him permanently away 16 years ago after the crash grim when you tan home office to prepare dinner for his three children as usual.

He collapsed in the room determined to see the comedy of all because they broke the wheel quick release container beyond Europe ... they grow at just 5 years old, was our own Bin less than 3 years old, geese nghiu talk.

I put his father away while his family was on its peak of happiness and peace, although his wife still had the same great-chiu to good nutrition for two children. Meat, fish pieces on it too expensive compared to income of their two kids, remember me? Give me then, I was always giving to him: "He ate more cooperative in that effort to love and care for his wife and children ...." I think that love you too dear!

Big Baby is a wonderful and loving daughter of our own for me. The date takes you, I could not believe it's true, and he was very spoiled, sorry for the mother and two children. British drink throughout the day, lost it, which then also lose the right job ... He is a man weak in the days of pain, but know how else are you open?

One night, I go home very drunk, and yelling like a crazy guy. Mother could not drag me back. He then dark, with nothing to lose at all ... Then you know why? Great little scared, embraced his feet and knees in tears: "Daddy, Dad does not love me why the two sisters? Dad does not love her say? Daddy ... "

One drunk guy and a crazy guy in his time, was suddenly awake, awake, my dear brother would - like a miracle! UK kneel hugged me tightly, and his father cried so much. At that time he was thought to be the most precious thing that he has been advised that his two children and me ...

Now, do you know what I fear most is not? I cry seeing him so scared for me. Great Britain had to face, and he does not want to see my children will have to cry anymore. Was it a cry for fresh news after he lost his mother and I both work full 5 year old birthday child a week earlier. The second time, and also the last time I promise you we will not let me cry again. Last, it cried for him as he begged crazy crazy crazy because they lost ...

Then he had woken up and get a job. He quit drinking always, tan work as he quickly returned home with the children. Save and eventually he built a small house, out of sight of land in the wall paintings. Mother and baby happy. Today through the clean new gas smarting because his heart think of you very much. He tried his emotions, but then all three burst father were broken, tears, and hugged him when he told Major: "The beautiful too, wish I had her father is now open ..."

That night, he was restless sleep forever ... If only there three children with his father in the new house, make sure that night would be a great night for wife her husband, is not it? He hurt too, why not enjoy the happiness that you so deserve in this life? I traveled with him from the end of the most miserable. I have sacrificed for me and the children very much. Guy man at his luck, can build a house for her beautiful children, he no longer had them forever in the flesh anymore ...

I still believe that there is a realm of heaven , and you're living there, every day I still see him and his father are very happy. Their two children are very good and do well for me. At the move, Big Baby "controversy" with his most solemn in the position to put a picture of me. Final solution is: Great rooms also have rooms Bin also. And me, I put them on his desk. Bike 16 years ago my wife broke his remains, and put it in a corner room to the silhouette of me always present in this house ...

this morning is anniversary date of you, I did not mention the two children as said. He woke up very late trying to see things like. You know, 9 o'clock he woke up, my altar was filled with flowers and fruit. Him into the kitchen, then found she was cooking Bin are women. He pretended not to know what, asked today what do you do evil so solemnly? I know what he told us it is not: "He has his father's ceremony, we also have the anniversary, but her mother."
He pleased and happy to hear you say. He and the child to visit the grave, and planted some flowers that they like when they were alive ...
wife lover!
There is a great pleasure that he wanted to tell her, her home has Large university level, you will go, my dear brother. I know when I'm happy to receive this information, but you know, the father of three children only. I went far away, just me and the old bin, I do not know how well he will when he will be inside the pile on an extra nostalgia ...

Look bigger girl like you , from design to build to behave mature before the age of the child, I love you too, when it was changing me, changing me and changing grandmother to care for the old bin. every day after work has two children hugged good father, how tired he is lost. Bin showing the weddings of 10 with his father, Big kid, then urged him to eat in the shower. For him, the meal that I cook and eat together three great father for me too. You eat but still feel like I have been cooking for him so ... Great food really is a duplicate of her mother every day, he was happy to have this consolation, I know that?

Cu Bin's very well behaved baby. So swiftly that his boy had to grade 6 then.

His father's life is very stable and peaceful, but many nights he lay awake forever because I still have nostalgia kill da inconsolable and could not be ... That feeling is a pain in the chest as mourning day when he clawed your eyes eternal separation last couple ...

By Nguoidensu

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