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Motherhood diaries

Mother thought I was good friends blessed the crowd, no one succeeded in raising their children as the mother, but she was wrong. Mother that she was worried about how many times for me because dealing with those feelings for me

After breaking up his first love, she never now that I was seriously in the know, find out for the next friend of the opposite sex.

Sometimes I go out with men who are married, even older than her but I never seem to see the difference. Then she saw me dating a few friends, everyone knows at a glance is much younger children.

I was always for the most freedom to choose, to decide his life. From the choice of industry, universities, and then graduated to work, you have to prove to her that she was not wrong for children to be independent and self-selection, to decide and take responsibility for life.

I was old enough to know

I have to find a good job with many opportunities for advancement. Mom is always proud to know friends that have adapted well to the development of society in the way of parenting.

But it seems to me she has the right to abuse their freedom, then at the moment, I absolutely do not understand me. And she apparently is not important emotional issue for us now is that parents worry the most.

In the morning, I left the house she could know, or call me to eat the breakfast she cooked herself, but when the mother is absolutely no concept.

I always said: "I was old enough to know what's good and not good for children, parents do not worry." I not afraid of the unemployed, or be deceived. But what scared her most was the confidence that sometimes the children become conceited.

I never gave up anybody, any surrender of any difficult situation, or ignore any opportunity that comes to me.

But I know I have hurt a great first boyfriend when I go away for a simple reason: because the child is too talented, too strong, too confident, and her boyfriend I feel that it is not necessary for you anymore. I know you can never believe the boys abandon a daughter giang good and beautiful as you.

And start to change ...

I started from that lifestyle changes. Just because she did not expect given the right to complete freedom, she had accidentally given me all the right to share concerns, comfort, and lift me up, When I fall down. I do not even told her mother anything. When did everything okay, well good, also promising to me.

One thing she realized, no one back home that the child does not have alcohol in humans. I just explained to discuss doing business with partners, with the boss. Ask about me, I just say a sentence came up: "I'm tired, I want to go on holiday, go to work tomorrow." Prevention is the key on the left door. Mother lose our right to be cared for me as I sleep.

What I said to her that is, mid or late July I gave her a thick envelope: "I took some home to care for." Mother did not understand their children, she did not know what you are doing and you're thinking.

At any meeting at which a child is at home talking on the phone or IM with someone. Mom had never seen such helpless now. her craving for her friends, a chance to sit the girls, hair stroked, patted shoulders to comfort me with sadness every time. Me being pulled blankets for the children each night after work tired. Mom knew I had not done enough roles and responsibilities of a natural parent organization really. Children can return to her position as a mother for her daughter do not?

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