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From tiny when I saw her wear a ring. That is the only ring she wore during our childhood. It's not made of gold, nor platinum, noble jewelry that she wore to her or to enlist people to show off wealth or his cool in the party. My mother's rings are made of metal coated with a layer of silver sparkle. The middle of a piece of metal attached brown, above heart-shaped two stitched together.

ring with her when she was upset when she felt disappointed when her kitchen, washing her clothes when she felt a coat of wood and re-used after a melee with the neighbor kids, when she was wrestling with piles of dishes. And it along with her companion with immense joy of receiving cards of the children.

I really have no jewelry other than rings. In fact I remember one time his father said that even he did not buy a ring for her mother on two people married. He did not even think about it, and during a ceremony at the church wedding ring she had to borrow Charlie's opening sentence.

Years passed. My father, an immigrant from Mexico since the early 20, had worked hard, first off the dark side from early dawn until dark in a car repair shop that he owns. And my mother, as well as immigrants from Mexico, excavations pants all day with a bunch of names does not work, take care of her husband and eight children loved eating her old age are sleeping. With the hard work of the father and the mother's frugal, floods us every little boy turns into one university. This boy is trying to find work more to assist parents to cover for her next study.

As soon as the two youngest just graduated from college, my father died suddenly suddenly after a heart attack, but my mother continued to live for twenty-three years to witness the fruits that take a lifetime of hard to reap the new grandparents. The children's grandparents have now become lawyers, businessmen, teachers. In later years my mother was able to enjoy the luxuries of her life but also try not to think. She can buy expensive jewelry and what makes me very surprised, especially my mother loved jewelry that.

A few years before she died, she suggested to I want to give her back all her jewelry to all my nephew. And when she died, it was done. Diamond ring given to Kathie, pearl engagement rings have belonged to Margaret ..., one by one grandchild are her gifts. I finally realized the first ring of the mother. It is carefully packaged in a velvet cloth. The ring is polished, it often proves she still took it to watch. Ring after many years with her companion, now it has worn smooth, even a rectangular piece of metal just a little stick into the ring. It's not worth anything.

I took the ring, looking back it compensate recalled the years of hard work and my parents decided to bring the bank took it in a safe. For me, the first ring of the mother is a priceless gift of her inheritance. It is the physical evidence, is a measure of the tremendous sacrifices for our mother and all the fruits which she achieved. Sometimes I throw my own nature. Did not know her ring from time to time. How many times sacrificing her own pleasure for us to be able to achieve success, but today? Why is she always ring when it has no value at all. Does that ring a spiritual character of the mother?
Everyone in the house no one can explain this well, but when looking back the ring, I saw the invisible power of mother from a ring of no value and boundless love that she has given to us each day in her life.

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