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Mother's gift

"Maybe my children will see it?" - After ca through labor difficulties, the young mother did not hide the happiness toward doctors. Responding eyes filled with her happy, female nurse was afraid to turn the class description. On the face of the young mother is to shock. A boy plump and healthy, but may face a delicate pair of ear defects.

But time has proved the boy's hearing is normal if not perfectly said. Only thing missing ears to make him difficult to integrate with friends his own age. Every school, he is swooping into the heart of the mother, her mother looked at me sad sigh.

Then one day, things did not expect her to. The boy ran home and rushed to work to please her mother sobbed: "They called me a monster." Compression pain in my heart, mother patted the little boy: "I very brave of her, please pass nhé son!"

gotten guilt aside, he continued to study hard and began to express musically. Five months passed, he became a handsome man, handsome, special musical talents grow. 3 graduate level, men applied to a famous conservatory. But because he has no defects should be admitted to school. "There is no reason we can not help it for it?" Father sad boy wonder then suggested to the doctor to help find a solution: "I can add an external ears for me, but current production techniques may be fake ears," a doctor replied.

on foot for some time, one day his father talking to his son: "You just prepare mentally for orthopedic surgery nhé! parents know someone who can help us, he she gave me ears that I need. There are things he wants us to keep secret. "

cosmetic surgery successful consummation. The child was brought totally new look. He was admitted to a music school and later became a famous musician. Then he took his wife lived happily with his family.

And what secrets are kept secret for many years. But the most unfortunate day in the life he had come - the day his mother died. The father and son stood before the coffin of the mother. Slowly lean your hands father pulled the hair thick, long dark brown of the mother. The son seemed stunned not hide. The mother has no ears! Then do not earn, he cried. "When she was very happy living with long hair and thick this"-his father whispered to him, "And no one thought less beautiful than her, right?"

true beauty lies not in appearance but it is located inside of each of us. Real treasure lies not in what we can see, it lies in the places where we can not see. Love is not really reflected in what people know that it shows in the little-known work ..

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