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Most valuable effort

The most valuable effort is not

when everything comes to you easily
that's when you encounter difficult situation

Trey and I have become close friends since the first meet, when he voluntarily somewhat embarrassed and divided his bread for me anymore.

Trey is not intellectual development as normal. In my early days at university, she asked me with Trey or going out with Trey on every Saturday and she paid for my work as an extra. I agree, but not for wages but for me, Trey is a very special friend, We often go to the library, visit the store stuffed animals or simply stroll around the park because of the "job" is to help my main Trey integrate into society and feel less lonely.

Every walk, Trey usually a cheerfully smiling, if suddenly saw someone looking at him. when running bike, Trey struggling with balance and keep from falling continuously. Every time I told Trey:
- Do not give up, try again does!

Everything so on until the summer of that year, in my broken leg a basketball matches. The next morning, I woke up in hospital with leg cast sharp ache, whole body fatigue life left. Trey was in my own bed time.
- Hey you!
- Hi Trey! - I said weakly
- Do not give up, do try again! - Trey repeat familiar words I often encourage him.

With Trey, new life, how simple! But just think of me I will not participate in sports competitions, I wanted to cry.

Two months later, I throw away crutches and the pair began to walk. We go together on the familiar road. Trey went with me, he sometimes jiggly an inspiration. Sometimes Trey tripped and fell on his legs the way.
Do not give up, do try again! - Trey told myself confidently stand up ourselves off the land and stick to the knee. Trey never give up both.

Finally, after months of effort to practice, I opted to run the competition in the 300 meter hurdle. My parents and Trey to the stands cheering for me. I told myself to be very specific effort to win. When the command comes gunfire rang out, I dash forward and felt his legs with every step as the stretch run. Despite increasing pain in the ankle problems, I try to run faster. But more and more I was falling behind, one by one by one through me so easily.

The crowd cheered and cheered for the lead. Last year while participating in this contest, I have been promoting so. Now, I was the last run in the race. I'm running away from the boredom. I suddenly thought of Trey, he was not as lucky as me, not even just a normal person but he never gave up. And suddenly I saw my difficulty be tiny. With all the determination and effort, I dash forward. I wish I had a magical power to overcome those who are leading and hits the target first, but I can not do that. I'm on a very tough final, the last in a contest last year I set a record. Look up the bleachers, I saw my parents and Trey was standing enthusiastic cheering for me than the time I won.

The cheering was for me to understand, his effort also valuable than the medal. I will never give up. By most valuable effort is not when things come easy to me, that's when I encountered the most difficult circumstances.

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