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The most memorable thing

When my father told me, he usually begins by asking: "Today is the father told his son admires you?". So on until my dad on a more old, and we are increasingly bound together more.
In 82 years, my father was ready to go, and I also standard for him to be psychologically from my father suffered. We laughed, cried and held hands, told each other about our love and agreed that it was time to do so. I said, "Dad, after his father goes, I want to re-sign that his father was right." My father laughed and said I was weird, my father did not believe in reincarnation. I'm also not so optimistic, but I have many experiences that I believe will get the signal from the other world.

Close to my father and I feel the rhythm His heart beating in his chest when he breathed his last. Day after day after that, I wait "sign" from him but did not find anything. Every night I dream about his own desire. 4 months passed and I did not see anything happening outside the sadness. My mother died five years ago because of Alzheimer's disease and even though I was raising her daughter alone, I felt like I was an orphan.

One day, when I was lying on massage table in dark rooms waiting "signal" from my father, a desire to rush forward to meeting with my father. I started wondering whether I too demanding it or not. I also found myself in a state of twilight. I tried to escape from that state. Each of my mind like every drop of water falls in a quiet pond. Then I thought I was trying to control messages from the afterlife and I'll stop now.

Suddenly my mother's face appeared-my mother just as she has not been Alzheimer's disease. Her silver hair on his face lovingly removed. She is so evident that I feel can reach out and touch her. I smell the familiar fragrance of her Joy. She seemed to wait and not say anything. I'm wondering why I was thinking of my father my mother appeared and I feel guilty because I did not expect to see her like that.

I said, "Mom , I was sad because she has suffered such a horrible disease. "

She turned aside as recognition of what I said and smiled, a smile-beautiful and very special . She said, but all I remember is the love of children, then she disappeared.

I feel good suddenly cold in the room also suddenly become cold. I know that love we give and receive is the most important and that's the most memorable. The bear will go away - forever love.

I do not get signal from my father, but I believe that someday, he will appear and say: Father Today told me that his father loves me not it?

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