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More addictive game ... mother

married a few months later, the idea that husband and wife love more dearly petal, salt concentration, but the husband as he was bored and Meng Khue appalled and fed up with the game ... love his wife more than her mother.
Ignore the insistence of her husband

In the past, that my wife still sat drinking game at 12 midnight, Khue had to beg his wife to run off to bed. But does the same as before, almost the beg of Khue no effect whatsoever. So despite Khue. Unexpectedly, the indifference that makes the game addiction of his wife Khue, becoming more severe.

Thuy Khue wife, who is an employee of the advertising a reputable bank. She is a diligent worker known, but recently, she often excuse or something, then sneak home at about 9 am to ... "raid online with other gamers ... network.

Khue said shaking his head offered only lose, because everyone opens his mouth again reminded the angry wife quit eating.

There are times when the second wife husband invited friends to the organizers eating, while women are off to the kitchen to cook with the Marine back to carefree "raid" on the network. Hot surface, Khue jet off the computer, the Marine general reaction by her husband, then immediately reboot back to continue the game. Khue embarrassed blush with friends!

Game than her mother-Me

Like Khue Khue he Manh met many things you dread OAM and laughs than tears from his wife "love the game more than drunken husband" of his. When newly married, Strong and United has pledged that no matter where busy to sit and eat together. However, Strong's wife was seriously violate "the law" to warm happy family. Flowers regular message on the afternoon: "I caught you, my house to eat alone, do not wait for you." Strong suspicions, thought is seeing his wife should ask her friend to investigate United Dum. Track a few times, Meng was informed: "United not seeing any bags, lunch break instead of taking advantage of eating with her husband, her body back in game again ...."

Manh Hoa do have to replace the house, because his wife is busy "plow level" for his team hard. Moreover, many warm while sleeping, howling soul Manh also because of "female gamers" is located adjacent to the continuous decline in the release, while the mouth is a murmur ... "Arab." Crisis too had strong hug quilts, pillows to sleep in the living room chair.

The next day, found her husband asleep on the sofa with certainty rowing United surprised eyes and pulls husband sat up and preach a truth term "loyalty and love husband and wife" at 5 am. The stock is close to both back up and continue to fight "man his place to sleep." Former home of the young couple is so only to accidentally cool ...

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