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Moon eclipse

Hue, date ... month ....
Who is this? Perhaps what are you dreaming or I was dizzy and then lost. No, because I can not stand it there, but, standing at the corner, but everything I have seen has made me dizzy. I stood transfixed, stared open eye is not uttered a word. Is that what it is he? Self-justification for his children, lying to yourself. Countered what had just happened as a consolation final for my love. But I know that I was wrong, all like him deep into my memories, sweet memories in the past no longer enough to cling to me. Now only left me in that bitter bitter. Yes, I know, he is with someone ... how wrong I was when the ball he still surely be raised in my heart, when each child is asleep dreaming about him. I close my eyes, trying to erase all but ... useless, something inside me has broken it.

I'm sad , dry eye diaphragm, the pain was too great drive blocker my tears, my heart like nobody was crushed. I want to give up all those, despite what has happened, but my little pride in surviving children have been prevented. I staggered, as though the land is reeling collapse at his feet, reason now no longer belong to me anymore. Pears in heavy footsteps on the path is full of memories, the old way you said I love you, the way a fragrance smells stomach and into your hair, the way the moonlight flooded the streets late at night and the pain suffering.

UK, why is that? English requirements, but not the other end, warm kiss on his lips, his hands shaking when the wind took my hand back all season ... as this is still sweet, but how passionate he quickly turned away. I also know what to do now that place is the warmth of his remains and place is filled with memories of a passion. I also know where to go to escape the memories has become bitter. Why is he like eh? He does not remember the old days love you, I love purple, I love long hair scented incense stomach ... now, perhaps he did not change so rapidly that ? On any new purple, long hair, so now, red, short hair. Speak to him, tell what he going to deny it. Let's say it is not real, I only dreaming or mistaken. I wish to hear from him a sweet voice, whether it is a lie. I tried to cling to false beliefs fragile, trying to hook back what was lost, so that even the desire to end this little thing I did not have anymore.

I love the old days, he had told his brother the moon, the moon eclipses never, as my love for you forever round as sixteen full moon. Now of course ... Oh, you're the moon eclipses the sun by a glorious somehow or my love for my eclipse. I understand this better than anyone else, is not he?

It's time you should go here, out there by the moon are high, sixteen round moon ring star ring me to see horrible distortion. Guidance on how sweet the moonlight so now I feel the pain, dazzling. I have to go here, although do not know where to go to escape the moonlight which now no longer my own. I feel lonely in the cold world filled with moonlight past memories.

UK, you can not wait for him anymore, because you know when you go, you will not have the courage to leave. I sent him the small happiness that I have great-chiu love from those days, only misery, please keep your own children only.

UK please consider this a special letter from me and goodbye my love. I gotta leave because it is the only way to the moon in my memories of him never eclipse.

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