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Moment "shot on the run" out of happiness

standard position to reach orgasm is not?
Many people do not achieve instant orgasm position immediately blamed wrong. In fact, no position can be applied to all women that ensure 100% that she will reach orgasm at all. Everyone has a hobby, a "she" blocks access to a particular angle.

However, most women experience that my "cowboy girl" , above his guy under the initiative also easy to get them "on top" one. You can experiment with this position or the other new positions that you want to be able to "pop-up".
Size 'boy' is a factor making it difficult to orgasm?

size "your" little man to vary, so also the ability to bring pleasure to women are also different. When questioned its size, many people think that every "crisis" would "good giang" over, and he flung the "bad dimension" ... there is nothing much to eat! It's unjust, what is truth to that.

Everyone has a hobby, a "she" blocks access to a particular angle.
Women can chisel in front of a "giant boy" but that she needed and always appreciated is the ability to make "her" to ram their withdrawal crying. Spells out, size is not as important as technique. Once had a woman tell when she has sex with a guy there "was a" baby, she always felt undergo sublimation peak, which is the "little boy to me" than not.

The size of harmony is very important, if "his" great, "her" baby then penetration is synonymous with pain and burning. So, ladies do not have to do offline. Furthermore, when its hard to reach "the top honor", do not rush to blame in a "tool" of the big guys are not.
Masturbation often increases the likelihood of orgasm?
The effect of masturbating more widely recognized. Gone are the days of masturbation regarded as a shameful act, instead, many sex experts encourage people happy self to the self-discovery of their sexual needs.

Masturbation often bring orgasm. But the benefit is greater than the stimulus itself that makes your body accustomed to bouts of excitement and therefore more ready when you're in with a partner. Orgasm as much (even through masturbation), you are more confident and more relaxed in matters related to sex.

We can say that masturbation enhancement reached "peak" when having sex with your partner. Only thing you do not be too happy self abuse this form or you will be dependent on ourselves, so gradually that no one can make you "top" ... out of you!

If abuse is gradually happy self that no one can make you "top" ... out of you!
Why do many after the entry can not be brought to the extreme cold?
many women confused with the question: "Why yes it can the other 'top' when her relationship with her husband is ... difficult to do so? Does your vagina have 'technical error' what? ". In fact, the woman's clitoris is an extremely perfect parts. Orgasm potential by the 'out into' the 'boy' is enormous, the problem does not lie in 'structural error' of the 'girl' that really is at fault for both of you enter.

Can "boy" out of touch when he also opted not to touch your G-spot pleasure. This is entirely possible by the woman's G spot often swell during arousal and various cases such as rising, "it" was hidden behind the clitoris makes the encounter with the "boy" becomes more difficult. Anyway, the point G, where from 6000 to 8000 focal nerve converges absolutely if he can find enough patience and knowledge about sex.

The pain, uncomfortable when "love" usually come from the drought, "she" to make way for "you" becomes rough and narrow.
clitoral stimulation is the only way to pole pleasure?
brain is the employer decide whether you can achieve orgasm or not. Although direct stimulation to the clitoral orgasm is easy to bring to the woman but that does not mean that any stimulus would have an orgasm.

If hard ' top ', the problem does not lie in' structural error 'of the' girl 'that really is at fault for both of you enter.
In some cases, very stylish, but stimulates the body fatigue, mood is not ready to run the moment he shot up out of happiness could not take place. While there are cases simply think many, wild sex and caressing one round is enough to make 'her' at the bottom of trauma.

Where the gull's fine woman shows this clearly: the woman "on top" even though the limbs during sleep did not touch on his body. Many cases also recorded orgasm through childbirth, breastfeeding ...
If you can not "peaked" when "love", which means I do not have a G spot?

All people have something in G. But not everyone at G's easy stimulus. There are even some cases even feel a bit uncomfortable, painful partners touch "button happy" there.

You can discover your G-spot by manually inserted into the vagina. G-spot is apparently located in pea seeds into the side of "she." Nothing dangerous when you try to explore his way, the problem is that you must know how and do not make themselves felt when ready.

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