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Moment honestly!

I know that now write down feelings that day might be slightly late, saying "better late than never" so I decided to write his own emotions, the real heart of minutes of your life.

We can say that is very intense but emotions quickly, and to date it appears no more. I still left feeling as in day 6 of that day, a sense of confusing and made me cry when I finished eating lunch from the office canten. I had to stay in the toilet so long just to live true to my heart and my own just to know that, 'the god who told me sentimental ... 4 days a short period, it will not make a anything, but to me four days that gave me a feeling, an emotion so real and so far I still have to remember.

I'm a pretty style of thinking views and life very seriously, so the romance of love between men and women I also give yourself a certain standard. Standards that seem to announce I have listed most of my friends, my man model is successful people better than me, not handsome, but it is bigger than my experience and at least 5 years old, just like he is strong enough to share with my understanding. And with these criteria made me hard to find the other half for her, although I'm very accessible to everyone and also have many opportunities to communicate. My computer is very calm so in love with the job despite his concern for a decent life and a stable job, but the next goal is not determined to go find his other half, I think the loving marriage has predestined and I'll wait.

He is an auditor before I graduated a year but he only charged for the same less than me because I was born into an age range late 85th and early 86th. My company is a customer of his company, before he went to the company two times but I know my day is brand new bookkeeper and snacks are on the wrong foot, so do not know what to talk and work with the audit. Moreover, I feel quite confident that the loss of his sister put on her are the "vest" elegance and courtesy, while everyone in the company uniform is actually saying is "crude" . Tall handsome British actors such as South Korea, and of course the time I went to eat together and he was just talking through the speakers courtesy only. Actually I have not noticed what he, as he did as well as other audit staff, and I even forget his name when he went to the 2nd of my company.

Last No. 2 team to audit the inventory last year, then I have been to answer some questions because of the new audit and do not have experience so I was stumble. I fall into a situation éo le when audit and inventory of the funds and I know my "mistake" caused me great and can not my boss will not know if that day only you and I count, but Union audit, up to 4 people and I know as I tried to find the cause of errors to explain to them, I realized an action despite a very small gesture as if he's trying to do the Loop obvious errors. Both the audit team that day would be quite upset with me because last night was 24/12 people very anxious to go out on Christmas, but they have to stay waiting for me to find mistakes and then be done about it because I asked the boss. England, the audit team for me to stay with sadness over the incident.

the 3rd to the audit - a recent day, at this position in my company, I approach the job done pretty fast so I quickly learned some important job in the company and therefore virtually next audit team this time is we had four days together, and also four days that many times my heart beats suddenly increased by the look in his eyes at me. He constantly asked questions until I had nothing to ask and as sensible as I realized what his embarrassing moments, but I'm always trying to be pretty confident and ignored. He and I worked together quite a lot, I am enthusiastic fun with everyone in the team, not just his own.

Between them I have become close proximity to each other than in the course of work, I know that life is brief encounter each other is valuable so I also informed the group I will audit the work moved to Hanoi in the near future, with a message that we will save each other's phone number, if any conditions are met, the vast open sad life so sure what has met. And the last working day of the audit, in a rush I feel extremely strange it makes me confused, confusing, the work is not done, so I do not know about or should remain as "overtime" , my card is not he still give me a business card, how can this end, after a set time to turn down the pen I was running like chasing ghosts in the dressing room to the same audit team the bus company. He handed me a business card with warm words told "Call me" I kept his cards very carefully but I do not know what to do and I keep even the 6 th day when I saw a surge that I keep in mind that I have cried violently, I still can not call him.

He handsome young dude again and he will not be my perfect other half, and so I understand that that feeling is just a moment of a man who felt invisible following severe head cold and alone. And life goes on like this regularly, as I have never seen him in my life.

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