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Mo ...

He sir, you're so stupid, even a slight problem when writing to him - a person does not exist ...

On ... May ... In ...
Send the other half of me!

Or reasonable, that a person exists but that they had ever known, have not been exposed, have not said conversation.

It is common for true love as something sacred nè, nè beautiful, but to me, love as the piece of paper is cut into a heart shape. Beautifully cut, we have an intact heart, a perfect couple.

But God do for everyone is in the first half of his real you? He held hundreds of thousands, billions of pieces of paper hearts and torn in two, mix them together ... How big is this world, should we blindly, looking for the other half. There are sometimes lucky, they find each other among numerous people, and ... very happy. The pair are less fortunate, so do not mistake this finding or the other is half his. The paper was accepted and will still form a heart, but it's not perfect. Results can also be a "happy ending", would be a tear.

She said: "If you really met the other half, we would always want to close nè side another boring truth is that many do not always gravitate linked together like a bird wing, adjacent trees ..."

I wish I had a pretty good love story as in the comic strip, the I've seen that movie nè. Unfortunately, I was a little too dreamy, fussy, selfish, or more intense again was very childish ... How can anyone stand him-except me half of me is really open?

She also said: "The world is vast, immense, not everyone can find a half-truth al. "

I understand and accept, maybe he was in the other half the earth, we will forever can not meet each other and to form the heart, not perfect. But ... Let me dream a little light, for I dreamed that I would meet him and together we will write up a pretty good love story.

We'll know each other was very accidental way, right from the first meeting had the feeling of "electricity flashed" as the book says that, and it was "fall in love" very quickly. Hehe ...

"Love fast break and quick" I still question that this ancient heart, but with him-half of them must be really different, is not ne? I was born to them for one another. He will be the first and last thing you "love".

On our first date is a romantic afternoon for him then, he held my hand, walking along a river and dreaming together sitting on the grass watching the sunset. I suddenly put his head on my shoulder pet, he smiled and laughed my fat cheeks. Phiu serve you stand up and push him almost fall on the grass, chasing a game only had two starts ...

where you are in the winter without snow, but she dreams dream a little, for there to snow I know the warm feeling between how the snow is blocked. I'd send you a thick scarves and wear it for his own hand at Christmas nhé. But definitely a scarf because I choose very carefully from costume shops and even dream in any way the fact you are a baby Well the extreme right is the female part can not be changed. Together TT__TT sitting in a chair watching the snow on the terrace stone house, she gave the scarf he wears in the second neck, he sat me, a warm winter is here ... "Sneeze" - they are often unjustly sneezes, sneezed, and the times ... There was me and the head and the mirror while combing, head on the desk while doing all ... (Oh, what the girls do all the other bad: (() Cu sneezing this time and slightly different ... I'm just beginning to play him. Fear of getting to wear them for my objection, he definitely caught me sitting at home. =.="

Drink a glass of hot chocolate to warm person, I take you home. Before the house, I feared toes, gently kissing his cheek and then ran into the house, so he stood there that night ... And ignore the silly, the second one with insomnia.

Spring again ... I'm dreaming again nè ... A road full of flowers cherry. I like the pink cherry blossoms should be liable, not apricot. kick up his fist in the play area. I used to laugh when the guy in the comic, you go with your play area for female or dizzy after playing finish the game exciting. But I do not like that, all we have are two very ... I love the game his hand that he "slaughtered" every game is considered strong feeling in the play area. Then came the role as "ghost house" Hey, normally when you go out with friends, sisters, children who always went first, not me not afraid, but I always try courage to look and also try to "overcome the fear" of his. Now have you, hold your hand, you can first open your eyes to watch carefully so the face of the "ghost" in it, all when they all try to open my eyes ... it was very little startled. Also for the first time, you may not need to hide their fears and shout .... In addition you, my vices are Highway near all gone. ... bad English. >..<)

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter ... I'm always smiling because he is always with you. now , the future, I'll always need him-half of the children to run. Pink is the color of happiness when you beside me. We'll have a daughter like you and me like a son nè, and I will forever be happy later on.

Stop dreaming a bit ...

Will ... I can meet you? Does a miracle ... happen? Will .. you can write a fairy tale full of roses for your life?

There may be ... It can not ... But I still still waiting ... hoping ... One day you can send this letter to go.

And I still dream ... You and I can find between the world This extremely large ... creating a perfect heart.

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