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The miracle of faith

Never, never,
Never Surrender

Many years ago in Elkhart, two brothers it was hired as a school group work fire in the fireplace room every morning.

One cold morning last, after stacking firewood in the oven, the two boys get up firewood and kerosene sprinkle lighter. Suddenly a loud explosion shook the old building. Fire has claimed the lives of his serious burns and legs of his brother. The cause of the fire was caused by two boys who had taken the wrong fuel tanks nearby.

The doctor recommended surgery to remove the boy's legs. Parents stunned. They have lost a virtuous son, now, children also have the ability disabled. But they do not lose faith. They asked doctors postpone the surgery. During the past two months, they and the doctors tried their best to rescue the boy's legs. During that time, they begin to trust that he will be the day that you walk.

The doctors did not cut off my legs. But my right foot shrink, high shrinkage, while toes left almost lost it all on fire. Although painful, he was determined to exercise every day. Finally they also are a few toddler steps painful. Years later, though recovery is slow, but the young man he began to walk with their feet without crutches. A few years later, he can run again in the admiration of many.

Boy with fierce determination she has to run, run forever, and their legs seemed to be cut Nagy helped put him up front athletics world record. He is known as "the world's fastest" and was respected track and field athlete of the century at Madison Square.

His name is Glenn Cunningham.

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