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Meeting place kisses

From the ancient avenue glass like in the movies to romantic places in the world famous and familiar everyday places can become a garden where you love someone you love is giving the passionate kiss.

On taxi

Those who like to show off or want to show love when the driver was "escorted" to travel a lot. Kiss in the taxi, the driver in front of strangers is a very negative role, but do not "act" too far.

rear seat car

Driving to favorite places, both will sit in the back seat and give each other scenery bud passionate kissing.

In Elevator
sneaking feeling tenderness after the door closed and nervous that someone will accidentally come across an elevator which exciting place to express love.

Everywhere in Paris

Paris is a perfect location for romantic love alongside ancient architecture, the famous food and drink with the wonderful scenery. Each corner of this city is a space especially for couples.

At the train station

If you are viewing the old black and white photographs, you can see the separation can not be more than one meaning kiss a little long in the hot space and bustle of the station. However, this is not necessarily appropriate places when it rains.


What's more interesting when the last session to play, you two kissed lightly just before the stairs.

the fire

The fire is burning at the beach or campground that, paired with a warm blanket covering night being kissed, a great new scene to do.

On top of a building

Try sending him on the highest floor of a building that, the feeling of interference between heaven and earth will give you two kisses to melt in the fire burns.

Walk in the park

The clean of trees would affect the actions of any romantic couples do. A sweet kiss is inevitable when both steeped in that blue space.

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