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The meaning of life - you and me

From the 4-year-old boy began dimly aware of the significance of his life. Kid who wants to live for kids, kids want to be shared. Perhaps partly because of Buddhist thought of the family kid, kid because my parents always taught the word "virtue" through things like helping old people begging, selling lottery tickets baby ...

Can you consider hard to believe but a large part is due to voices from the heart kids - "kids want to help those who need help." Petit glad when the old man begging for 500 yuan, the baby of an orange ticket. Joy in being able to express difficult for all, just know that when kids see others laugh, laugh, that's all!

When I entered high school, people often ask, "Petit good student would like to do?". "The little old man went begging for money, for very little drawing of children" - little boy said no hesitation.

Everyone laughs, it seems they think or say children playing alone and kept asking, "Yeah, but what kid does not like working there, such as engineers nè uncle, mom haircut nè ......."

_ "The work I have to you?"

_ "There do have money, helping others, but new"

_ "But what do the new job is to help more people this?"

gently told her kids, there are two lines kindness can help many people, such as vocational teacher and a doctor.

_ "Son of the teacher, the doctor what u do." Petit quickly chose their own future to the surprise of everyone.

Everyone says: "Why kids do not learn as a doctor, a good student, but, as the doctor ... and ..."

Petit heard many things about a doctor too, but do not like just for one reason only "fear of injection very Petit."

grow up a little later, she also wanted to study Medicine because kids are very talented kid with biology, but then she has to be done for the girl of his dreams.

Petit pursue dreams from a small teacher to grade 9. End of Year 10, boy's life is a huge step. There is a trouble in school, that kid goes blank, completely disoriented, the purpose of life that every kid to pursue what turned suddenly lost ...

Then mother and infant patients hospitalized Nguyen Trai, day to visit her kids as well. One day, after visiting her mother, boy wandering in the hospital, has just released his shambled into the current thinking about life. And he appears. He is not the purpose of bringing kids back to life but also make it more intense. It was a young doctor, with friendly smiles on their lips.

- "What's that kid and thinking how sad data, trouble you?" I sat down beside the bench, smiling gently.

- "Sharing the grief of the boy he went down!" - I still smile but his eyes seemed very serious and full of interest

wonder why kids feel like being close to talk to a loved one, boy quietly told him that all all things.

- "Now I do not know why more choice" - the story ends with the boy looked his way.

- "You choose what your heart is right. Please be yourself buster." Then he asked: "Do you know who is really happy how it?"

- "As people live meaningful," boy replied immediately

- "I have built for themselves from happy childhood, and were on their way to is it, do not leave their happy but! "

Then he told his kids to hear stories about work, joy, so sadness of a doctor. The meaning of my life is saving the patient, the smile on the faces of their loved ones ... More than an hour chatting with strangers, kids feel like adds a new source determination, strong, burning. Petit believes in the path of their choice. Petit has decided to study Y.

After much hard work, guys were really into Street Y School of Medicine in 2003. But since when do internship at the hospital, the more kids feel I was born to belong here. Petit feel truly happy when medical examination, drug development, said, sad happy to share with patients. Every smile on her face is a deep person a great encouragement for life's meaning kid. Hard to tell how all but the kid is not relented. Why can relented when there are many poor patients have no food, no care for relatives, hospitals are also difficult to carry to the end. The unfortunate lives in hospitals has led to the determination of the kids become stronger.

Forget how the time travel in groups of social work, heart contractions hurt when guys look at the disabled orphans, the elderly form - people do not really need help only physical but also mental. Petit nodding when they learned of this tragic situation! Why people do not spend some time and little money or at least a little effort and caring to those unfortunate lives like this?!

Petit had very good movie - "A Temple serial." Tales about the boy picked up and returned to the woman a very precious material When the woman promised to donate an item that you fancy something but the boy replied, "She let those who are needed help, and please tell them please share with others. " The boy has made a series of meeting that followed. Just like people who will help each other without getting anything back for yourself. You do not see great!

Petit had to leave Vietnam to Canada to make his dream. Kid wants to learn technical and scientific world of medicine, kids want to be able to contribute to my small medical technology applications for their country. More importantly, the kids are looking for directions to share the unfortunate difficulties that many of their fellow citizens suffer. Petit will return and share them with all the capabilities of kids, many of the people you color, many nationalities. Petit said, there are many who want to do, but they just do not have a chance only. Maybe the kid will open up to them to their fates are needed. Kindness should be overflowing flowing everywhere. You will help kids with one hand right? Will share with you guys right?

And finally, the boy told the kids the meaning of life then, you hear guys talk about the meaning of life sisters!

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