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A meal

Just at noon range is consistent rice really crowded. People out of the nuom nuop. The atmosphere becomes hot and noisy. Most people eat for a quick motion to enlist a little bit of rest and then continue the remaining work in the afternoon.
But make sure that everyone has to see a man wearing dirty, carrying piles of travel tickets invitation each table. Is there the eyes as well pretend to ignore it as nothing because of poverty, poverty was so ordinary, so they do not need to share, without interest.

Although hand persisted invited guests each sheet of lottery tickets eyes that agony again note that guests coming to the table is finished eating. Just wait for that, guests have to stand up as men jumped her to the table, pour the leftovers into a dish and get food to eat. If true it will be moved slowly away.

A young man, with a uniform on the workers of a nearby print shop, eat at the table was next seen. He invited the man a proper meal as a guest of the restaurant. He sat down without saying anything, just eat and eat. When finished, he stood up and did not say anything, just do not know a word of thanks to continue their work is invited ticket. But amazingly, in the face of that young man he is on a strange happiness.

days ... months ... in 2005

has been more than 2 pm so consistent rai future customers only. A doctor over 40 years old, wearing a uniform construction of the Thu Thiem Bridge, with glasses look very kindly old man. Uncle is sitting reading the newspaper after a lunch break. "Checkout rice dear grandson." King walked quickly to the table, Rice said the young man sold: "A total of 12,000 doctors that contract, a plate of rice and a bottle of fresh water." Guest added, "The amount of rice she sold lottery tickets to sit there for how many doctors are always sent." He sold rice and smiled: "Yes, 3,000 VND, but my brother has sent money from the shop then, thank you much."

life need to know how to share. There are times when just split a bowl of rice, a bowl of water, or an overnight accommodation ... Even just sharing a word, encouragement is enough to make life more beautiful. Salt really bites sometimes gratitude, beautiful heart.

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