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Marx's letters sent to Gieni after two people have been married for many years

his love and respect
He wrote to me again, because he was lonely and because he felt miserable as always only talk to me in your mind, and I do not know anything about that, did not hear him and he could not answer. I appear before you are very lively eyes, he carried me in his arms, kissing you from head to toe, he knelt at the foot of which she whispered: "I love you!"

far apart on a few very useful, because the regular communication will easily cause the monotonous feeling that the differences between the animals taken away. Even if I stand near the tower, well it seems not very high, while the miscellaneous works in everyday life, where iron can not touch them, has increased significantly. The passion too. The routine because we are near each other so completely dominated us and seems like the passion, will not exist once the direct object of them disappear from view. The passion for the subject in depth adjacent to seem like routine, will stand up and would have been very intense their inherent magic under the impact of the separation. My love for you too.

Not have a space that separates us immediately clear he served time for love just the same purpose purpose for which the sun and rain for the trees - News / A for development. My love for you, as many children away from him, shows up as the enormity of it - the stature of a giant in that he focused all his energy and spirit of the full power of emotions His. He saw himself as a man fully understands the meaning of the word, because he was living in a great passion.

Of course in this world there are many women and there are some very nice people. But how can you find a face anymore, but every line, even every wrinkle on it are suggested by the memories of his intense and most beautiful of my life? Bye then, my beloved brother, a thousand times, a thousand times and you kiss me.

The child's (Marx's letter sent to Gieni after two have been married for years)

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