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'Read the' man through the gift

There is a fairly successful man told us: "I fear most at the end of the old year - new year. Oh, stars that make holidays, anniversaries. What is Christmas, then New Year, Chinese New Year, followed immediately by the 8.3 th and Valentine's Day ... Just right mind think crushed to buy presents for her, had to balance the budget more specific, if not for meningitis was ... " While she thinking? Please donate or husband with a gift smiling silently in my heart that sings "I wish ..."?
If the guy's gift is an item jewelry

Whether a western plain gold ring or a simple string of pearls or a sexy Misaki, keeping your cherished nhé. Gift shows your guy is a very responsible life. He is the respect you deeply and truly love you too. You can rest assured because the current feelings of two people, he always regarded you as his half. On the net, he is a gentle man, very caring and understanding that our people, right? He has many ways for you to feel satisfied and happy. In response, your gift buying him a tie clip or a wallet lighter skin.

If he bought you a fashionable skirt ...

He's definitely a bit of your personality of the chief man. This man is quite the rebellious exteriors, he loves his fans will become as you want. So he was always active for you to decide everything, including the selection of clothing styles, makeup how ... But he always expressed actively, positively in love but not the woman also liked the "care" overly so. You never feel stuffy, uncomfortable as if you were "managed"? This guy's faults this is a rather difficult task.

Ideally, you should receive the gift and "responding" by hanging him to go shopping. At the shopping center, you did not select a new shirt for him, or try a pair of sports shoes. While the choice, tell him that you'll be happy if the next time - when buying clothes for you - he also invites you to choose the same way.

If you give him cosmetic ...

He is a man confident and also very emotional. He thinks that he understands the interests and your habits, so the new guy "dare" to step into territory that most men who are very confused as cosmetics store to buy perfume for you, box tree pollen or eyeliner. However, he is also a popular and relevant form of "beautiful view", so you need to pay attention to the appearance of yourselves. But he gave you buy cosmetics, beauty really encourage you, but I taboo for men to see you in lots of forms filled head waving tuck your lower lip or uneven slices of cucumber, he will be there forever impressed .

It is simply a bunch of flowers ...

He is your vainglory popular hobby and there are frivolous. He loves you, want to please you, but do not want to put too much effort to think about a creative gift. If a holiday gift that you get is a bunch of flowers, gently joked with him that "his life from when you ... flooded with roses and nothing else." If he is proved not understand, you can "ignore" the birthday of the guy go. If he has questions, please calmly replied: "I do not think it's a gift other than flowers. I know I do not like flowers that much, right? So, it's best you do not buy anything .. .

A trip away ... gift

He is quite the man ... dangerous. He's thoughtful, romantic, always makes you feel yourself at the center of the world. Thus, not only you, many women around "papaya die" for him. In addition, make sure his ideas are relatively advanced. He attached much importance to sex, who have a strong desire, you need to pay attention to the appearance a bit. Gifts back to him very easy, you just need to understand his interests. A classical music, a new book, a computer software has "the oven" ... will create the image of women as delicate you.

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