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We are together with the word" accidental. "We now far apart, just because the words" without grace. " He should not charge sky irony, we should also not ask why this, I believe you also know what happened between us.
Speaking correctly, we do not like each other, this design we should have realized before. We are together, we all do feel the burden together, so why do not we find a way together? Time together, I also know what is happiness, but happiness that the boy was quick, fast, fast makes you less able to adapt. At first I just want to play with his feelings ... but after this time, I feel like he really su.Dieu it is okay for him too ?...

The first day you know, he promised so many things, make me happy just thinking, it is impossible to imagine a bitter .. that separated us.

Many times they are vague ... I thought my dreams ... and the province may still ignorant embrace a certain image ... and I kept dreaming I dream ....

gently ... I know he never told me he heard me chua thoughts in words ... I usually listen to his music, it makes me different from others. ..

In recent days, he distracted me mad tired ... he poured on me ... I never thought I was his burden when he ... more I say I am truly sorry ... but ... I do not fault others say that he ignored my bad ... ... .. I said he antlers ... but you also ignored the old like you do not leave your face as you now do not decide to break this ...

The early days know me, you ask yourself apart when is it? ... .. He hesitated slightly, then branch said he is no longer the person you love me .. but remember .. you never stop loving you .. oh ... are you craving to hear him say these words too .. although I did not know the truth or a lie ... but all of it ... all that he apart ... we probably are good for each other .. and they also wish you would please the people that I love you ... hope you like to know what is there ... Do not treat with his love as he has for me .... I will be using .... how old is wanted as gentle and not painful for him ... you'll hear a song ... like the words of my heart ... I know

there will be no heaven, no longer loved ..

And I know he will not be kept a long time ago ..

days we just met each other, new love I pretty much knew each other for ..

hours away from where the first ever where before long, restless wait longer each day, would remember forever ... I'm counting

so late, nobody mentioned the name, know who remember the old days the rains sad city lunch hour longer each child add cool ..

Date coldly indifferent to love forever far away .. not find the place ..

Suddenly suddenly see each other any day .. turned away in tears .. I know each other for how long is open ... .. why refuse

I walk around the room count,

Where is apparently still a little airy flavor love the old sign was distant day, and where ...

Love is the day you like to know new friend .. Love is jealous, that sad night ..

The news is not the place together, at night, every night I cry .. How years love ... .. now disabled by smoke blurred

I count the stars late at night, someone mentioned the name, know who remember the old days the rains sad city lunch hour longer each child add cool ..

I still ply the long road, I remember forever ...
By nam_nguyen

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