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The macho tactics win

strategies, even as conspiracy is not only a monopoly of the war. In the battle of love, im gun battle, the strategy will be the secret weapon of those who are smart and clever.

This design means: beauty used to conquer the enemy.

Why use design this The benefits of damage was unparalleled beauty. It can be applied to all enemies. All components, from guy to guy deposition intellectuals, from office workers to his lawyer, ... well to the next row before this.

You also do not think that you have Diao Xi is a new or used is fine the next. Once you belong to women, you can apply.

How to apply: If you have white teeth are not that much but in return you have beautiful hands thon. Well, every time you laugh (before the enemy), you should put your hands to my mouth. Enemy hands must first admiring the beautiful and delicate attention, your privacy.

If you have a high collar, white, you will choose a high bun hairstyle, appeared before the mast face him. If you have long legs you should wear short skirts walking street ... In general, the spirit of this design is "good show bad cover."

Contraindications: If you" show "would be too conspicuous to be silly. Moreover, you should be on gradually for each day the enemy discovered the beauty of you.

Pledge Education released

This design means: I started, but released.

Why use this design: My son which she liked a bit arrogant. If we trade him silently, available to us every day and night, afraid that he will be despised. Please show me where it did not need, we have too many people and have many things to pay attention.

How to apply: For example, I visited a friend's house, found the enemy there. Want to be buried inside the leg to close the trade. But no, after a few fun questions, we take the basic working and hurried before the awe of him.

If the enemy before you're asked to go out tonight, we'll quietly shrugged and said vaguely, "Well, let me see if anything has been busy."

Contraindications: of course, so only a few times, but if the abuse would be very easy to lose the opportunity.

Minh tri salt

Plan means: that which does not pretend to know

Why use this design Nam for their children is always a "macho" self-esteem should always wanted to be comforted, female children are afraid to lose. Thus, there are some things we know we just pretend innocence, "I do not know where." He will take action and help us greatly to see him in the care.

One time, his face, suddenly my car would not start. Role in the origin so we know what has been modified several times since. But this time, we will face wore a worried poor. He will be extinct wood for our car repairs. I thank you with a compliment cool sister: "Without you I do not know how managed." He would expand the nose, and can then expand the heart, the heart expands, ...

Contraindications: If you always say "I do not know", he will give us a stupid, useless. So depending on the circumstances that apply smoothly between levels: know more, just know, know less, do not know.

Ceiling moisture mist

Next This means: take the path that no one thought to

Why use this design? Times today has a lot of girls high hand. If we like them soft and warm themselves, without the unusual tactic would be difficult to conquer the dream guy. Creativity and a little adventure will help us greatly in bringing about a hot heart.

How to apply : Usually, the girls agreed that women should avoid alcohol. I do not think so. I am not addicted or let the wall but we will try to learn how to drink alcohol. I will sit the table together with the "enemy." Table together is macho to express themselves the most. Ty I just clicked every bit just to see the enemy hear what the other is, what he likes and dislike, he has a habit is.

He likes to watch football u? We will equip the full knowledge of football. I will chong eyes every night to watch football is what people love that. Then the stories of his football we will be present. I will have the opportunity to watch football with him. Astute comments on the technical or tactical skills, ... we will do the trick him by surprise. He will think "she's a personality" and will notice it more.

Contraindications : Of course, he will be happy to have beautiful people to watch football together. But he should also understand that there have been moments of football has just had a head start is not easy.

I wish you success.

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