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'Contract' love

Before" insurance "for lasting love, you must read the terms below then New signing nowaday!
Article 1: Let the heart decide who the other
You need some time to contemplate their relationship again. You feel he is a person like? He is with you and always ready to share with you things are not? You have accepted the invitation for whatever reason? Just because he has a smile or a deadly form of the standard maximum time to think about it.
It was just the catalyst sex work to pull you and him closer together. But the initial feeling will quickly pass, only human and love to stay really new. You are still a lot of time to choose and decide that.

Article 2: Practice "patient work"
Nothing gold rush to hurry at all. Clear way that you and other people have to go very long. Whether you've certainly dozens of times that this is half of you, but not so much wasteful loss of the "X". Slowly so there is plenty of opportunity to learn and to his "challenge", too.

Article 3: Let your opinions be voiced
would be great if you agree with every decision of the guy. Such views and general comments are always great for a long term relationship. But if you think different or feel different, so frankly he can understand you.
yourself You do not want to tolerate unreasonably right? So do not turn him into a patriarchal XY is whether he did not like that.
Article 4: Do not put on her camouflage jacket
Do not make her hair blonde, in their dress whites not fond of dolls. The guy clearly is not like your girlfriend like that. Do not try to do something you do not like to please him!
He will not know where, but you'll be feel discomfort and restlessness always wonder he has a "real" with you. The reason is because you are not honest with yourself.
If Arial; font-size: you want to know the real him, the guy is the same. If he wants to go the same way with you, he will accept what is not entirely up to you.

Article 5: Do the smallest things ourselves off
That's when both secretly" gave up "the opponent to the war did not happen. But once the analysis of explosives into the bomb attack ... very unpredictable consequences.
Find Arial; font-size: appropriate time and whisper what the other one was makes you unhappy. Both need to agree that "to solve" the real war began, and not "to delimit one is right, someone has to apologize to reconcile." Important that each debate will help both understand each other better.

Article 6: He is the No. 1
Once sure that you want a relationship really serious, why not share with him the things you've never told anyone?
matter what you / he likes best / fear Best / most anticipated ... This adhesive will always work well. Let him be the first to remember, and certainly he will be the same.
Article 7: Leave room to breathe for him
will only" love "when two people next to each other 24 / 7 and do not do anything without the other. But will "love" when next to each other and still have a separate space. You need the time and she was selling melons, gliding shopping.
Whether you always wanted him was there when you need it also for him the period of not-have-you. Many will only look at each other as he found oppressive, like being shut out of the four walls are hung with pictures you alone. The further away, the more memory that.

Article 8: Make sure
He's lucky to have met you? Do not chew the chorus again with another guy of the other red. But both were lucky to encounter one another the trunk.
If the software has identified the heart of the object, then confirmed a few times then click "sure". Then do not freak out, think again and warrior. Both you and he should generally always in one direction and towards the brightest.
Article 9: And building trust
This is the important thing is not a love story that may be missing. After a period of exploration and investigation, if you really believe he did not bring their "Fan" or have blood drawn card, they assured themselves that the gravy tasting your love away.
Do not doubt it is sometimes known blood reimbursement for no reason, just to complicate things alone. And do not appear too friendly with the other guy in front of one another. If you have been missing from heat stroke, to adjust and stop back soon. If you believe you 100% want him, you need to build for him a chance.

What, you're ready to sign a contract yet? You can still think. This is a long-term contracts. Once "pen sa dead chickens," you must comply with strict rules there! But hope that you will be confident enough to sign it immediately.
Wish for "contract" ( between you and one other) success!

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