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Love you ten thousand times ten thousand

I began to have the feel of an unexpected trip away from convention, when he absorbed to run this busy life, leaving me standing lonely lonely, you know feet re about to enter his old wounds old mark ...

late afternoon ... and I

release the March afternoon weak fiber cross-sun is not the style. I'm here, wearing flowing life, immersed in the space but the purple fade off. Children accustomed to relying on this, since the heart also filled with tears. Hot brown, the old corner, dropping more than questionnaires. "Jupiter" gives people a taste of something a little tempted to paralysis. Old cafe carefully, tucked in the corner sucking pigs. Water color painting suggests contemplation and time by limestone walls were peeling away due to large patches, invisible touch entail long trail patchy. But then the piano, guitar and soulful vocals have made him a small corner of the old techniques cut himself off the noisy air, four cups of Hanoi ... "Jupiter" monotonous strokes etched in squiggly and confirmed khiu first love reveal. 3 years, consistent enough to witness the Foolish, broken, both sweet and patchy in my story.

You first visit was with Duy. One rainy afternoon light, his two little dose of truancy. The only sitting opposite me, and shall return to shy trembling eyes. Not only at that time welcomed on a corner table, encase two hearts beat together beats. For the first time, I almost froze and was clearly feeling the only part of the body also move, as the neck. Only had very light under a separate way, shy put up my hand a note "Love nhé.

3 years later, the last time, when I came here, still the same Duy. Lovers day after payment is no longer rainy afternoon truancy as before, was a college student and bold steps are more mature. Is the familiar corner of the table, plus two hot little brown "Kiss the Rain" sound cool. The only light is hard to describe the specific manner, softly kissed my eyes blur of practices, is a piece of paper with familiar handwriting. "Finish it." Last time, I totally froze and just melt in tears again. 3 years for one kind of love sweet enough acrid bitterness. Duy decided to study abroad and neglected children , leaving the unfinished play with worry. Do not give me any reason and completely disappears.

I have long tired of waiting for the afternoon and persistent Duy wait hi expected return date. But all coldly turned his back on me, just another way to make people freeze like Duy ever created. Only love can, forget you very quickly and put my cold into a deep dark corner of that ignorance.

England and sunny early ...

"Jupiter" regular guitar from 5pm. Most guests find here are who was fascinated by nature's smooth guitar gently. They hear the guitar, play guitar and enjoy the fun together. Only you curl up alone, floating lifeless in the line of emotional resonance nonverbal . You choose your own angle and inner monologue himself secretly named it tasteless.
Only when he arrived ...

- to give her red woolen Desk 6. I hope there will be a smile as cold air is warmer than today.

Do not know what "nhech edge" of that day were cold enough you can create little heat, but I have never, or rather never heard a guitar or so, between others generally familiar in Jupiter. 9 am No. 7, in addition to his friendly service is very charming cheek to pick up only you and me. The "Wind song" I rushed out of the blurring tan unconscious. I have heard many times, sometimes even forcing her to hear me trying to devour. But just to see him, "Wind song "not merely as the name. wind song - it has become the definitive brick road, closed mouth as though the scars of children still wet.

So as a condition not predetermined, regular No. 7 am we meet weekly. You and I, warm brown stone and Lipton. The two entities trying to keep myself to wear fit for a flawless round blocks. I'm in love followed, and he also falls in love again. Simply, we found each other, to love each other!

*** You and me, on peace go slow ...

love of those who once broke down often feature something awkwardly shy, but we're really good at giang in from searching for their other unique features special. He did not bother me with Wei's past, nor a jealous sometimes when I still laugh Duy khanh guest comics presented. He said to keep and cherish, I love you in the in and concern for the welfare of children in the future.

The interior design of an architect and academic articles about the final year of her students sometimes overlapping but did not greatly affect the timetable "is like squeezing lemons" in Jupiter. 7 th morning, and welcome him to spend the day teaching the guitar for you. The ability to empathize with good music, but the permeability of the lecture He is a big problem. I learned to the 3rd session began showing signs of tired, he just smiles and rubs that do not need to learn, he will lead to me throughout life. Then we or go to the movies as well. I like the atmosphere "community unions" in theaters. Hold hands and lean on my shoulder, sometimes turned back into little crunchy popcorn rum. UK 7 years old than me, says common age is not important. I younger than actual age and she is more likely than older peers friends so maybe we are equal. autumn, he gave me the spray gun water to use as my nephew to aunt to anonymously ask for it. Only his sins, copy and on the natural body, but again that night but found the house they took my kids to go shopping. At Valentine, he also not like anyone forced you to walk ten kilometers. True to 9999 steps he stopped and kissed lightly on the forehead of sweat spotting me, glared glared playfully. He walked round to 10,000 notes, drew from his pocket a a heart-shaped pendants, worn me and whispered "Love you ten thousand times ten thousand." loving life that would great, that many children struggling to wonder when do we become form with the ball, then the usual concerns sorrow to default to embryo fade.

But one year, two years and many days go by ...

I began to have the feel of an unexpected trip convention ... and that sadness will again prior to landing hastily filled the small happiness. When the pressure does not stop Left on one side, when he absorbed every run this busy life, leaving you feeling lonely stand of bare, you know you re going to step foot into the old sign old wounds ...

British success in the role of a project manager. I also have to finish school and prepare for graduate school thesis. The time to leisurely drift slowly pass posted. We still love each other but about manner as the extended portion. When the message and calls are now only obliged to shore full of pity and procedures better. I fear the lonely emptiness suddenly tied her again, not even escape to the past again rejected.

- Jupiter. 9 am No. 7. See him, even longer this time. love you!

I wore red woolen wear he presented his line, steps into the lane sucking pigs. Brown hot again questionnaires regularly features taciturn, quiet corner table where the ball fallen familiar No. 6.

9:30, I waited ...

10.30, maybe you were busy meeting ...

13H, inbox is empty ...

15h10, "Tut ... tut ... subscribe you just call out of reach ... "***

2 weeks later, I still wait. The
outgoing message and 24 continuous clock next turn is returned: "Message to" love you ten thousand times ten thousand "can not be sent." Then all the calls, it seemed they might burn my phone at any time. Her children with the voice of the operator, to see each other every day, every hour, beating out feet high struck the conceptualist king of pain, haze ...

Is there abandoned children fell for the second time?


2 months now.

the 7th morning, burying their head in my knees, arms and tired body. But it does not matter, two months now I have adapted quite well to this state. The match left the other unconscious, dry eyes the first compensating rom rom and tangled hair. Life without him, missing the experience joy and sorrow, would miss the warm kiss sweet lips. Life which, to me, than hell. Life I have wondered, why are you dying to relive it, again you continue to hit dead ducks again. Is fate arranged, they only exist inherently is a debt?

Sms from Phuong Giang: "You! Wood went on facebook. There is a new note. "

Click:" [Wood's fans] - Send me, love me ten thousand times ten thousand. "

" ... What better than Paris I imagine before. Magnificent streets with numerous ancient architecture of serious wear. Paris beauty, but not me, not hot with brown wood guitar, very often bland. This life, there is reasonable always interested in giving people facing challenges. And our love is endless distance the sadness ...

... I here, and Thailand. She is entering the final radiation treatment and also the most time to 6 months. I do not know anything about Thailand in addition he said it was a good friend, I have seen her in a photograph taken of him in college. Excuse me, he lied. Lan is his ex-wife. They then broke up his marriage a year later. Married life was not beautiful like the impulsive desire youth superficial. She left Vietnam, to France in the next month, very fast. Although there can only work as the sole prop. In addition to her grandparents and uncle cousins, relatives Lan no one at all. These days the past month, for her, is the intense pain and loneliness to paralysis. When he received a call from a friend, Lan was in bed and my hair is no longer a thread does. Liver cancer has entered the final stages.

Darling, I had the night awake, tired and painful to remember me ravenous. But she needed him now, and I also have to answer for the obligation of a friend, her ex-husband - the only one who can give her the strength to continue fighting the disease.

... Excuse me a lot. I miss you, remember the guitar, remember Jupiter.

Love you ten thousand times ten thousand. "

*** Try asking them at this time What should I do? When everything before him was not clear. 6 months, you will be anxious to continue living with hardship, and would love yourself by the way of solitude and emptiness?

Would you be comfortable enough to spend the amount of selfless generosity, his gift, gift for yourself and give us love. Right this moment, I can not answer ...

The only thing in me now ... I miss you ... love you ten thousand times ten thousand!

"There are times when life around me left me

There are times when love back yeuquay

There are times when passion swept vanish

Please keep the faith and remember

Earth is not stop recording when you cry

Water also stressful because you're not .. "

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