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Love ... test

square circle love like? No one knows. Salty sweet love like? No one could say exactly.
People love it for that perfect circle, no beginning, no end, intact, not wrinkle ... People think love is like a square block, durable, go anywhere do not roll ...
There's your love, why?

Love is like a food lover and chef will just be just as diners enjoy dishes created by yourself.

It is the food must taste sweet as well have Alpenliebe milk, salt concentration as sea salt is not lacking, as acrid bitter coffee without sugar has always ... Depending on "how to love" each person will make many different flavors to "food of love."
Love is also equally diverse , loves loving, gentle, loving conservative, discreet, passionate love, crazy ...

The phrase "dead flies and honey" of the particular ban is wrong, just because a few flirtations bile ... How is love, just because the eyes stealing glances, the smiles, khenh pretty cute heart charm but anyone remember how the day ... turns out I-have-love.

love irrespective of age, gender as well as space, time ... It exists in eternity. Can tell where there is life, there is no love.
So love comes from where ?

It is said "by ear daughter loves, loves her son through his eyes." That being said, the blind, hearing impaired will not have the opportunity to love and be loved?

To be fair to everyone, God gave each person a heart, because love is associated with life, but life is associated with heart beats. Thus the "nature of the bridge," love-love-of-play-from-left-heart.

Many people often joked, "Love is not love it ... suffering that loss." Some hearts have become cold because ... "fear" suffering, there is no quick little hearts, love gold rush love, love to ... from the "hole", although that sentiment index for "him" not much.

It is considered one of the forms of love, called "Love ... testing"
Yes many reasons why people "love test". For a love salty sweet how it must be "test requirements", want to be like last week we sometimes have a pair of kick up the streets ... "love try ".

love to try to reduce the" burden of constraints ", to be split, with the way everyone does not come without warning throughout the smooth, sentimental, regret ... such things as real, because "love" by other real love, real love is ... "climb painful fall."

also accepts test case because ... "the enemy "Love yourself, love even know the needle bar is located at 0.

The test also loved" the rich ", as it very well hand in hand, to catch the shuttle, said the loving words have wings, and coffee every night ... just like other couples, but the rate "per cent asked" the way of many a joke ... "bad luck".

For example, an easy to understand, love like you to try a buffet, you will choose a dish to the palate by tasting-test, when bored, then let go of his wand. Love does not try to put heavy emotional problems, as it is, do not necessarily have a deep affection for each other, the new site. When fed together, they feel the break, everyone goes way, way simple as they look to love love.

Sow seeds of love in the empty seed will not necessarily get results. Meanwhile, around how much they love is blooming trees and flowers sent by laden trees that were catalysed by cultivating true love comes from the heart.

Romance is something sacred, as the emotions of two hearts beating, a warm fire every human heart. The repeated failures in love, your heart will be a cold, and even worse, lost faith in love. Treating love like a game that myself as the protagonist They did not care that the game, all have split on ...

Run to the situation promptly, against the odds to find a love is not true. How now they stop ... please ... sorrow ... lemon or envious when accidentally caught laughing image of a happy couple is walking down the street hand in hand?

Do not search predestined absorbed, seeking an ambiguous word games "love test" that forget that true love is love is nourished from the most sincere feelings

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