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Love quotes part 2

* Love is an awful tasting medicine, but few people do not have the courage to refuse.
Montes Quieu.

* All my happiness is my happiness is due to. Sully Prudhomme

A woman can not love man as man loves a woman because a woman's love is in the eye, on top of breast mound, on the fingers feet, but love the man placed where the deepest of the heart, can not escape. But love and life of man are two separate things, but that woman is all life. (AUCASSIN & Nicolette)

He only gives you all the suffering ... Perhaps that is why I love England. Because joy is easy to forget, but it never hurts. (LERMONTOV)

never happened, but we love the girl did not know - I believe that I have declared my love clearly with one voice, one eye, a gentle touch. (G. Greene)

For the weak, love is a sad game. For powerful, it is a secondary alcohol. (P. GERALDY)

He was a life long dream. It went by so peaceful and quiet in his sunken dream that seemed never to wake up and then on one fine day I wake gull, which has since had a daughter to wake looking for love sleeping up of Britain. The daughter was named .... (DESPERADO0_INLOVE)

The day a woman passing in front of you, shines for you to follow her foot, then that day then you miserable, you have asked. Her Image will take you to a vibrant sector of the soul, where nothing must also have nothing left, which is the field of beauty and love. Now you just a job to do: "Think of her earnestly that she must be thinking of you." (V. HUGO)

I have paid very dearly for my fairy tale. Since they refused my happiness, which should have been entitled, had spent his time that would be incredible, though strong and bright, must yield to reality. (ANDERSEN)

our thanks to the young Muslim woman to understand what love is. When the old man to remember our love to understand what a woman. (ROLAND DORGELES)

Even if you have doubts! The star is the fire! The sun moved! Truth is a lie! But I doubt not! I love me ok. (Shakespeare)

wife is not the situation that you are hundred years. And we shall soon get used to the idea of ​​collective love her when she's old bed and when she will be an old lady . (BIELINSKY)

Nothing noble and venerable than fidelity (Cicero)

Love is believing in things that can not be (Elizabeth Browning Barbett)

love of the boys are not located in the heart which in his eyes. (Shakespeare)

Love is the star which men walk looked at by many as a drain hole that he occupied that keep the foot down. (LAPE DE VEGA)

true love, then clean it in your heart is not in senses. (Lacordaize)

Love is sympathetic. Learn the long term. Not just a one minute hold a second meal in no time. (Anonymous)

silent love is love divine. In the heart shadow hidden love shining like a pearl. In daylight strange, love a painful blur. (Tagore)

You can eat half a meal, sleeping half the night, but could not go half way of truth, love half heart.

Human traits as The more powerful the person faithful in love Unknown

Hope is the magic wand of love to overcome all obstacles
W. Shakespeare

The rich love most people only have one love, but love is not a change of heart

Board Zac
the most valuable virtues of women as gentle Unknown

Happiness and health: when people are not aware of it, that is being Unknown is it that

Less said is the most beautiful jewels of the girl Dutch Proverb

Humans as noble, the more they love infidelity Unknown

how far to love as wind to fire: it blew out a small fire but fanning flames R. Rabutin large

Beauty reviews dignity in the eyes, but the conquest of Alexander Pope soul

Beautiful and beloved, it is only the woman knows how bad
make her adorable, that's Princess
J. Barbey Daurevily

If fear of offending each other, love each other never Gustave Flaubert

Where there is no treatment true, there will be a half do not want to hear the truth and willing to lie half Unknown

One could charm a heart by cheating but we can only conquer a heart with sincere hearts Krassovsky

Love can be all the comfort, solace can be righteous troubles that it causes
P. Rochipedre

love and happiness as shown with the ball. If you know the protection of love, the happiness will come true, if not otherwise protected will love, happiness is an illusion.

For achieve happiness in the family, want a perfect mate, we must first ask whether you have the ideal or not?
Lelend Fosterwood

They say first love or love is beautiful, but love the new end undying love Jean Paul Sartine

True love does not distinguish age, status, fame ... It leveled all Lope De Vega

In the family, the more powers than the husband, but true wife who has the most authority. Labruyere

Me say a person is easy. Love that's hard to Marcel Ayme

Married data even though gentle, you will benefit
_ If gentle wife, a man you will add _ If the wife happy
data, you will become ... philosopher! Bergson

married a poem that is translated text xuoiBourgeat

Before you try that marriage open eyes
After marriage, if possible, should close your eyes De Benjamin Franklin

When you find a hundred years, men have 3 so hard to find
_ A _ are two beautiful people who

_ Three decency are monogamous Honore De Balzac

The size of the wife is having a lazy husband
The sufferings of the husband is married George Joneses Brassen

As a lover , most men like sexy girls with sexy and easy dai.Vi the new man looks like, and is easy on the new man to conquer. But after getting married, the man likes the girl and indecent decency. Because the decency to respect the new man is new and serious concerns of the other guys eyes on André Chenier

True love requires that suffered arduous and challenging Thomas Campton

The love story is never enough time nor redundant. Though written thousands of thousands each letter also not with sadness to be missed are contained in our two people are in love. Love letters only helps alleviate that somewhat missed, but never loved, pour dry
Napoleon. 1er

Below dress dress is usually a soul superficial, shallow Madame DE SALM

In front love, or who flee are often the most victorious Voltaire

Love means respecting each other compromise STAHL

Want to know how to love, they must learn to live for someone you love. Living for someone you love ie love Godwin

Dead for someone you love has been difficult, for the one you love life more difficult Unknown

love expressed through employment rather than words

Adults "I love you so I want everything that belongs to you." Immature person, "You need a something in me so I love you" Erich Promm

A miracle happened to those who are in love: as for travel much more as Rainer Maria Rilke

True love has no happy ending because true love has no end.

Do not live life to someone who can live with
Live with people who can not live without

You can admire a beautiful girl, but you can only respect and love with a girl because hearts Unknown

The mathematics of love , a plus one equals everything and two minus one equals nothing.
Mignon McLaughlin

true love is unconditional love
John Powell

Love can do these things if you can not follow your heart.

Love does not now there are too many, because love is never enough both

Only new jobs make dreams come true

For the world, he is just a grain of sand. But for me, he is a wide sea.

Love is like the hourglass: the reason my heart is empty, then filled.

No love for the beautiful. Because love should feel beautiful new John Donne

love that comes from the heart not from rational Unknown

Love is love and wish you an appointment.

Love someone will make you smile no matter what is said funny Unknown

Not only because the show lost love. Losing because of hidden love.

you love is truly not expect anything. Means fully accepted them.
Karen Casey

Do not go ahead, he can not keep up. Do not go back, I can not see you. Be paired with him full of life.
George Fox

heart to see what eyes can not see and understand what the reason can not understand.

Do not become a bookworm. A little love is more precious than a library.
John Wesley

John Donne

hopeless love hopeless in the eyes only people who do not believe .
Jean Zheng

distance is no obstacle that is a most beautiful proof of the power of love.

When we love, we also forgive each other mistakes LA.ROCHEFOUCAULD

The sufferings of the husband as a jealous wife. The suffering of a wife whose husband is funny Jacque Rousseau J.

daughter indecent dress and often the most noticed

Want to keep love is a great way to do a little bit jealous guy
Want to lose love is a great way to do a little jealous guy just a little bit a little more Mencken

true love is always clean, it is located in the heart, not in the senses. LACORDAIRE

It is not really love if we do not love is always the bad ones of someone you love
List Languages ​​Spanish

If a stone, make a rock magnet, if the plants, trees or virgin, if that person, please for the love offering. VICTOR HUGO

In love we began with rhetoric and ending with philosophy. JACQUES DYSSORD

In love with two fidelity: one is due to people constantly discover new, interesting things where someone you love, something is due to two people find themselves living with noble fidelity LA ROCHEFOURCAULE

Reason search but found a new heart

virtuous woman hit with tear jealous. John Gay

When confronted, the woman said to the man that her indifference, said quietly with whom she falls in love and to remain silent with people she loves Rochebrume

What comes from the heart, it will go to the heart G. Piet - French

One of the reasons of happiness together, but few understand that the greatest happiness is to understand each other
K. Paustopki - Russia

Nothing is more noble, nothing more respectable fidelity Cicero

love daydreaming need for well such as the lungs need oxygen Unknown

For men, living and loving individual
For women, love is life

God created man, that it alone is not enough, it went for a woman to do it the way you feel poignant than his loneliness. Unknown

Let's make beautiful women for the poor man of imagination. Unknown

love, trust, happiness, the best way to keep happy is to accept what I have


No love is not jealous. Jealousy is not sure this is love.

If you also love fire as love, friendship can say without heat emitting, whereas love burn bright and at the same time. Madeleine de Scudery

Just three seconds to say "I love you", 3 minutes to answer the "why you love me?", 3 hours for inviting me separate trip, three weeks to hold you, kiss you 3 months to 3 years to marry me for 30 years and ... to show "I Love You Forever Unknown

1.Hay see the person you love as a white paper, but do not write on it what is not necessary to blank pages in it forever as you love your soul

2 . Do not confuse love and pity

3.Trai heart is an alien in your people: when you love throbbing heart, when your heart beats weak hearted chili, if you have not asked the normal heart beat ... We can say your heart is just a novelty but it is an object traveling with your breathing during your lifetime

4.Khi love your look sparkling candlelight, you'll feel better love you very much

5.Dieu necessary for life to exist, sufficient conditions of existence in love

6.De have a real love you have to go through five stages: preparation, derived, after starting work, speed and destination of

7.Quy law of love is love but I do not love us back, we love people who do not love

8.Yeu one was hard to get to shore, but happy with that person even harder

It's painful when you love someone without being. But there's more painful when you love someone without the courage to say let that person know how you fell in love.

Maybe we should see some person, such a mistake a few times before meeting the right people you love, and you must respect that.

Love is when you take away all passion, passionate, romantic but ultimately you still know that I will always remember about him

It is very sad when you see someone that you think deeply meaningful to you, only to finally realize that you love that will never be answered and you are to go. But when one door closes, another door opens. What you should do is stop waiting where the door was closed, find the other door is open for you.

best friend is someone you can sit anywhere along, swaying together without saying a word, so you walk, you feel like everything has been said.

Giving someone all my heart is never a guarantee that they love you, do not expect otherwise. Let love grow in their heart, but if that does not happen shall be satisfied that at least it has grown up in you.

There are a few things that you would love to hear but will never be heard from the people you want to hear, but if there chance, listen to them from people telling you with all my heart.

Never say goodbye when you still want to try. Do not give up when you feel it is still possible to reach be. Do not say you do not love someone anymor
e when you can not leave them. Love will come to those who always hope though they were upset. Do not run flashy looks, it can fade under time. Do not run after money, one day it will go away. Let's run by someone who can make you smile because only a smile forever. Hopefully you will find out who that.

Sometimes in life, sometimes you feel you miss someone so much that you want to run to and hug them. We hope that you will always find their dream. Let what you dream want, go wherever you like, what you like because you only have one life and one chance to do everything in my life. We hope that you always have enough happiness to fun, challenging enough to strong, enough sorrow to keep you more mature and have enough money to buy gifts for friends.

Always put yourself in someone else, if it hurts you, it will also hurt others. A word is an inadvertent conflict threats, angry voice can ruin a life, one word at the right time can reduce stress, and loving words can heal wounds and bring peace.

Love begins by telling them the real, rather than love them like my picture you draw, by do not you just love your own reflection in them.

The happiest people do not have the best everything, they are just to make everything, everything takes place according to them. Happiness often deceived those who cry, those who hurt, those who have searched and tried. But with that, they know the values ​​of those around them.

bright future based on past have often forgotten, you can not live peacefully if you do not throw away all the sadness is over.

When you're born, you cry around people laugh. Let's live so that when you die, everybody cry also, you laugh.

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