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Love quotations

love of young boys
not located in the heart that lies in your eyes

never happen
things we love that the girl did not know
- believed
that he had clearly expressed love with a voice, a touch
Graham Greene

Want to conquer her daughter, you
make her understand that she
not the only pebble on the sea shore
Harry Brousteau

Love is in the distant
such as the flame in the wind.
The wind blew out a small fire and fanning the flame
high heat.
Rebutin Bussy

When asked, people saw
the separation and time time is nothing
at all.

When an open mind to
welcome love, suddenly there are thousands of ways to express love
When two people love each other, they do not look at each other
they look in the same direction
Saint Exupery

love child
raise people out of the ordinary

this world is not
god sun god any better, there is no magic flame flame
than love.
M. Gorki

Let the dead
to seek fame and immortality of those who seek immortal life
in love.

Only he who does not love that
would be loved back, is definitely my new love is better than both

Love is a god
children. Everyone loved it even when the saints has become a child
child does not go far
Love is

vibe of a soul as having a soul tune, is the harmony of the two
my heart, makes one see things more beautiful

is suddenly real love hate is hate
love quietly earnest
De Saidery

ultimate truth of life in
This is love that is life and life is love

be Love, an event important to know how
! Love, as more important! Out of love, heart or
courageous. It's all just what a pure, just based on what
noble and great
Victor Hugo

Love is not seen by the eye but by
soul. So humanity portrayed erotic Spirit has two wings, but
blind eye.

lovers have two states: either is no doubt at all, two is suspicious of all.

Love means treating someone
everyone better, better with both his own
Mark Boikv

suffering />

language of love lies in the eyes
Phineas Fletcher

who suffer because you love, love
more. To die loved is to live in love.
Victor Hugo

only live in misery, just live in happy love will die prematurely.
De Gurardin

Love is
purpose is human love, but love because love is a natural goal god

's first love is like diamonds; second tear like a pearl
; tear things like the three other tears, no more no less

Better that pain
love you more than just a hard life I do not know.

Happiness largest
this life is to believe that their loved
Victor Hugo

first true love in a young man is timidity, in a girl it is boldness
Victor Hugo

Everything you love
will lose half the fun without you to share
Clara ortera

... I just created my own I feel
to live ... The men have met other sure
angel but I've seen you and that is enough
George Moore

fact, hard to find the
a perfect love. To become a lover, you must have
continuous refinement of a very wise man, the flexibility of a child,
the sensitivity of an artist, the understanding of a philosopher, the revenue received
of a saint, the tolerance of the grave scholar and courage of a devout
Leo Buscaglia

not spend time for love is waste of time

You have asked, had tasted the
.. love the taste of a sudden, you see the beauty, the excitement around the place
. You do not hesitate to express a passionate love, a gentle
, in words and in silence. And you feel strong,
tolerant and full of gas.
George Weinberg

Drifting Time is too slow for anyone waiting

Drifting Fast forward to whom fear

fear Too long for those who disturb brain

Too short for those who honor

Festival But for those who are
Time is eternity
Henry van Dyke

Th at for any man suffering at the beginning
Love did not believe that love will be eternal
C. Constan

To ask for a loved one
women, we must love her as she had to die Tomorrow
Arab Proverb

loved it as it was supposed to, so it wants to be happy in love
we have all you can not ask for anything.
Paul Bourgier

happy with the man, they must understand them and love them very much less in Want also

happy with the woman, they must love them very much and do not understand them ....
V. Hugo

When a person
women refuse your love, and instead, she maintained a friendship request,
you do not think it was saying goodbye-it means she wants
you act in a predetermined order.

A half-half and that is the most beautiful in life
still closed to those who have not each loves

the beauty of life is created thanks to the power of love for woman
M. Gorki

of love is in action. Love to be challenged by the willingness
action for the one you love

lack of love is not life but a exist. Can not live without love
love for the people born with a soul to that love.
M. Gorki

No love for life, only eternal
have moments of eternal love
can eat half meals, sleeping half
night but could not go half-way truths, half love heart
W. Goethe

noble than love is in the heart in the morning
French Proverb

nature of love is holiness
and peace. there, the soul, reason, conscience and body are
Life is short and
we never have enough time for the heart sense. Oh!
Make love to go fast! Be quick to love kindness
Henry F. Amiel

prepared on cloud
wedding as eloquent introduction to a novel boring
Wilson Mizner

ignorance is easy, love the new hard
Maral style="text-align:center;">

I do not love a girl who
because the words she said. I love these words because she says she loves

who loves intense few words to him.

Often people say
sexual relationship is the most beautiful love, but love is the real final
undying love.
J. Paul Sarte

Nothing that describe
pain caused by a jealous heart not to give the confession said.
Mme de Lafayette

The jealous always find
much more that I want to find.

In order
jealousy love the role more important than love.

Jealousy is just the way
fair just because it is reasonable to preserve what belongs to us or
what we believe is of us.
La Rochefoucould

submissive wife you are not good? Do you have any doubts jealous.
La Brun

He who does not
jealousy is not love.
St Augustin

to punish all those traitors to the silver in this world there is no one to forgive
La Fontaine

encouraging short distance
charm, but the long distance kills passion
Saint Charles De

lies will kill
love, but the frankness will kill it before

No everlasting love that only those
eternal moment of love

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