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Love poem part 9


wind past where such things you would not draw clouds
be full moon!
Every love story as a small railway station
where it wanted to discourage wasteful fade ...

UK want

I want for me, who loves the little children
Want to be the same general way on the road
Want to be tight with
For the love love that first signed stupid
I also just want to love you true
By the passionate passionate feelings
By the romantic adventure
For free man he was near me in moments of remembrance
Do you know who loves little
I have loved you like a long time
Both heaven love you mark , his lips compressed
order not to cry when I remember that ...!

Mark Baby ... Let me close when you are able to be
I smile brightly glowing strokes
To see your breath brushed his lips
To be holding my hands cold ...
And let me just is, like any good
Let me be the love, the cry laughing
With love, to remember, with angry words alone
Because I love you forever prayer ..!!!

Search class="Apple-style-span" dream

night we were awake late at night alone
Remember that you do not know about spending
He said go, go on forever without a shadow
Also we place Each
old way, every street corner in the old days
Landscape still there, but people do now see
hours here, streets are crowded
O lovers, where they
Where on the anniversary of the memory is full of useful information when
who have gone
In a dark night is still going on
On the road of the past two
little past that now far Newer
old, incredibly sweet petal bracelet
strangle me warm inside
have children? Only a void
Every night, in the heart of why
remember every moment, every eye
exchanged by each other at all has
dream dreams of old, forever search find


Then one day I suddenly realized
Do not miss me as much as I think every
no dreams, no poetic
By a happy life
too fragile ... you suddenly have to think sometimes he
And think of the old old days
Suddenly my eyes a bit sad uncertain investment
I understand that I can not love you ...
At his side, I understand green
When away from me, you sicken as Long ...
Keep leaves his heart pink dancing
But far away from the heart ..??? Then one winter day to the patio
Each cotton color pure snow fell
I wonder: Is it different colored glasses?
When the soul Traditional flowers cold place?
Then one day I also realized
I was petrified who brings heart
A heart bearing the weight devastating
Destruction of the soul through love


Earth his extremely beautiful fruit trees
his four seasons left breast milk
children find summer garden
New to touch the tongue has melted
Sang spring season also
breast milk at nine yellow mango aroma and flavor
I also eat forever nostalgic aroma
not picked up mango brown the other hand loss
title rambutan small solar
All times are gradually absorbed until sweet tooth
to wilt and dry rambutan curly
The only thing around fruit
As her lips in that she's uncertain
I like the red heart
When you smile every eventuality
flowers blooming floral display was dedicated to fruit
I kissed him never boring ever know.


She's my love Oh baby!
I want her lips
The only smiled at me and look my eyes are just

far as I want her I do not think anyone
Do not marry even found fresh flowers
Do not hold the pillow tonight
Do not sleep this afternoon bath tub so the
I want the smell of her perfume
which usually carry no fly
Not to ecstatic passersby
Though just across the street, guests back through
I want to
bitter winter night hidden don t dream
By her side I do not want her to not having any
A young boy in the dream
I want her breath air stream
Do not moisten the shirts have not used her legs
on dirt tracks in
No steps have been stepped on too
This means that there only jealous!
The mean love too haha!
And that is all she is ...
She is all my own!


There is a busy, she sat away from him too,
He told me to sit closer.
I chained near a little more: he was sulky.
Em-behaved dogs near a little more submissive.
I going mad, she smiled at me, hurried
-ran adjacent to his, and mixed dishes: "I'm here!"
UK Garage fun, but now suddenly sad.
Because I think that is still very far.
The eyes of love, oh abyss!
Oh and remote areas of the lovers forehead!
I see nothing attractive about the identity
which we hung between his hands down .
Oil-object information: shared a life, a dream.
You are my children and I still be me.
Could the Great Wall of the two arms
head full of secrets.
Trade old memory loss goes on a date,
past him, he was not asked of you.
- My soul is longer than the night u hide,
I have not lens, one lens is more clear.
Earn forever, think again, jealous hinted,
I want to sleep I dream scrutiny.
But I do not hide my dreams Incidentally,
As you hide things too real ... sometimes
Let's look first! Please adjacent pair of breasts!
Please mixing together two long short hair!
Those arms! Please wrap her shoulders hung!
Let's give love to wave both eyes!
Let the lips closely tied
Let me hear sometimes that the function of the jewel;
In the fall -milk, he'll tell you that:
"Almost more! World is still very far!"


Is the embryo is then mixed nostalgia? Memories come as the wind leaves Having fun a street corner you red cheeks and shy step over someone.
will still know it all away
The chair waiting, wan leaves dating determined
Bao song love song Who of you singing
cigarettes cotton Oh, you wait for the place.
Dust Minister vows time
wind take you through old poetry
The purple ink nostalgic page
Who memories of listening song "Once".

Find happiness

find warmth grass ground
search tree light sky People get
power between those who love

The happiest of my parents are the child
wisdom, filial
's highest re
ward teachers
a good game, play gentle
The most prestigious of the
is not poor people, without suffering a galaxy
peace wealth wealthy country is
his mother, his teacher,
of the people and the universal childhood

orchestrated love Happiness is the way that humanity
searching forever.

deciduous in the fall

I have never told him
Questions blue romantic early days
When collecting the summer deciduous
away from gold flute bank before curtain
I have never thought to
When he leaves on the branches shaking hands vin
laugh out loud birds know where the wind liquid
I know what I love
heart like water Cold Lake for the night
Around the Country moon reflected
Date t he would slow down
months were cold days I wear
River in winter to
Rushing sister married you know
affordable on the lower petal attachment
love was a party please

keywords: poetry, Saturn, tho love, Native, romantic tho, tho tinh hay nhat, collecting cards or crystal, crystal or a collection of poetry, synthetic or Saturn.

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