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Love poem part 8

Mo alone alone ...

place our happiness through
A place once you have retired, leaving
say in the separation
When I turned the heel, then we have anything?
Have Left a little flavor for his past attachment
together these days I find little
memories Here
first impression in love ours
To our corn is like ....
I also sat with us to talk
Only then children to celebrate
I had a dream one night I hugged

The minutes xao heart

Maybe his wife is also a former lover
(He called his wife, former lover)
Like his only, my old one too
Love her, she has now married his wife
Maybe because of the softening minutes
should be hidden thoughts, not about dreams
The ex wife has what they do not get
She did not speak out for fear of his sad
I also have a moment please feel excited
When you meet people old lover with what his wife did not get
Think about the past sometimes regret
I did not speak out for fear of her sad
after some thought I injured my wife everywhere More
And feel like a guilty
(Maybe his wife did not speak out
She also loved and cared about her more)
which have cost the our minutes disturbance
Everyone has a time to love and a time to remember
Everyone has moments than husband and wife outside
Do not have to read the minutes stir the heart

waves and boat

* Is "word wind?
There were times he told them:" Between the ocean vast knowledge and vast ocean life, he is only small waves and I was the boat. "wind fly ...

Who remember?
Who Lost?

*** unsteady, stalling the vast sea, boats have to understand the hearts of the wave: This boat tilt design, relay swim slow boat ...?
'm not in silver waves of time!

*** Then there will be a day boat out to the ocean ... The small waves ...

Who Lost?
Who remember?

Send under tomb

late autumn sky then - I'm where?
Located make me sad the cold ground?
Thu dear! Ghosts wake up
I want to visit the grave deep
I dream about Where?
Where you lost?
Every night I pray, I pray That
Eye color is the color of the ancient incense smoke
I was on yet?
I'm not going on?
moon stars off, dim lights
I read the mail relay is called soul
I laugh to echo sound world leader
When the moon walk silently drift
The soul many years ago
now located in a common place to
me laugh!
Crying over you!

Top Nestled love using ceiling clothes coast?

Got sen female coil element nights
I go, optimistic country
Hon fairy shadow boat is the ocean U Minh
I sent him a poem in the spirit
Ask a creepy tomb?
Nanchang dry cold longer sex
Breasts tragic situation remains creepy?
virgin snow, O soul!
Men of virgin snow!
Me you, we escape the soul
Enter the trees, the situation has
every night I have more fun?
I have more sad?
Sitting on the door Tell your fans know

feeling in the chest reaper laughs crazy
I hear you breathing troubles hours ago
Loosen up gold bars
Slightly soluble love the land - Moon is up

landed my soul

Lufthansa first class ticket Red velvet flowers you gave way.
The first Christmas overseas encounters as
Sports sorrow burned burning sun.
must first investment on earth shake dust
Forgotten neglect the way.

* Startled conscious mother
Wandering clouds around four surface porous
I feel dazed my heart oh god by the Society
Hanoi far too long!
On each individual cloud layers />

when my daughter is in love ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

There are times when you restless convergence He asked
lovely or detestable person
But little did he make my heart confused
On the poetry but not the whole story
I'm angry at falling leaves blown off
For poetry I went rushing by running loss
Hate how he expressed love the wind blowing
to play with people you do
As you wait for every drop of sadness in
Let me tell you poetry
Do you very much longer I'm sorry that she
Oh kiss break! I hate the seats.

Thank class="Apple-style-span" life ...

Thank you for the life he dared to love you
passionate and desperate
Even if the destination is unknown where
Cam Please take our life has come together for the first
Not everything
No rushing rushing
But nor carefree moment
Thank you have left life To find overwhelmed

As you overwhelmed by vast sand of the sea brought
Zhao million years, but always comforted

But tomorrow will be left What follows trot passions
Or go as well then you've never been to
Do not blame Wall
Fire prejudice does not come at heart must!
He then had to stop
Although life does not escape the love
Although happy face suddenly became
raise yourself up on high
But my dear
Despite the hour wait behind
British adventurer willing to pay

Ready Ready Thanks for the suffering he knew


do not understand why we have this afternoon and meet again
I cry tears I do stop
I now as far a reach
Know What say you love has fade away
December sky rain also
British conceptualist stood at the end of the road
Nothing to blame each other.
When the heart
not think burning the same as the ones that read the newspaper is not
Delete immense memories
Then you'll love this morning.
love him thousand times no simple
also love her little romance
To send daughters love
To send a girl falling in love ...

A treaty

I wish I was
idiot does not understand what a lie
I wish that intelligent fool knows
Only believe what you say
I hate his dick was too
see the truth in the lie
And know what you think please
Although I have tried to cover up
I know but still try to smile
To turn away from bitterness flooded
Tim overflow bleeding pretend not to know
no sense or is not reasonable or
I know I still love you I do not know
Despite cordial exchange
bud I laughed after I innocently
> Please let me my laugh

eyes, lips ...

eyes, lips capital in two places, but why
embryos must be sad.
create affordable child smiled ironically.
two front line where many faithful.
would wiggle eyes sad tears,
environment where the lower end of that source does not dry.
Double I like eyes with lips,
same latitude a house divided.
quiet trade only know each other, shared common pathway
heart hurt that way.
because people in upset top, who must also
primitive weapons regulations scents.
sad eyes lips dry sowing,
bride wore me fill my cheeks.
truth is that heart pain,
you go read my other children as well.
eye, a common environmental air frame,
you, I share a piece of separation ... .. ....


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