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Love poem part 7

Talk to me

Speaking to pity you do more?

do not agree, then shook his nod,

For he knew that the way forward or backward

Progress depends on

But I tell you frankly xyn

Do most time but said this morning hanging


predestined us to then regret my life as suffering

again forcing him to find new coast

I did not want to find

Because he is not so

I'm pleased he did not understand the

I just want to keep first love

And just want to love only

And I need love

true love that should not fade happy!

No problem

When no one else can understand me

When everything I do will be wrong

I give me hope and consolation

You give me strength to continue

And I'll always be there help me

In everything I do

It is a wonder

wonder of you And when you smile the whole world becomes brighter

I took my hand and then, I was a king

kiss for me I'm

a fortune Your love for me is everything

I would guess but I do not know the reason why

I love you still love me

It is a wonder of wonders I

Somewhere in heaven

mild sun It's time to

The road has gone quiet on

rising wave

But when we are happy tonight

The stars will shine sparkle

Although in many ways This world is burning

Somewhere in heaven

A glorious new sun will rise

The top two of us, forever linked

He will never die again

I will never cry again

We will live together for love somewhere in heaven

girls try how

To say goodbye cold

When all the bells rang out war

That I must leave you

this afternoon dimensional separation to

Why so early?

I believe the face of time will be begging you

Somewhere in heaven

A glorious new sun will rise

The top two of us, in association

up forever I'll never die again

I will never cry again

We will live together for love somewhere

In Heaven Somewhere in heaven

I will kiss his velvet eyes

And all the pain in my heart in this world will soon fade

This is what you will do, darling

I will wait for you, darling Until

up there, somewhere in heaven, we will live together.


My mother was born on a rainy night of full moon in the old days,

at birth has missed an appointment with the fullness of the moon.

evacuation zone in this field empty desert home, the midwife

Communion gardening, foreign body bare poles.

I like big trees rustic garden magazine, said

climbing back Seven years old buffalo, do not ever sit bicycle.

Do not know the lyrics to buy please others,

should lose life because one can not lie.

bewildered into session before the cup race of life, not

Ten years later his hair washed for the People markets.

Class alum legs sticking out, but the country remains true nature,

I urged the summer months, enjoy visits back home.

Buddy you as a buffalo tail, a dream estimated at me, my perception

he breaks out, of butterflies roaming around.

I looked at his friends seemed innocent old cravings too,

Communist add a bit of vanity where big hearts.

Every time the old friends back home than away,

girl married seventeen, twenty wives.

her old friends across the armpit you buy wine,

eyes wet a foot looked sheepish.

Hamlet river many girls leave home, visit xenh

On Gas silk is in effect.

Some homes built, new life signaling through the coin, a sharp

Run Country star to hear a little sadly.

Delta hometown of many things I most pity:

more rice output, the three fish largest desert,

investment and low culture is also one of poverty, leading

And also, the girls get married away.

nightfall sad to see the lonely station,

moon was just up rain clouds dancing spell.

I suddenly remembered an appointment at first error, the old moon, moon

choked again, not to shine the countryside.

Tell me about when my life is no more ...

"... I want to sing in the anxious days

forced to take a piece of straw clouds

Do not try to keep what remains

Do not cling to him ... have also slipped it! ... "...

Anxiety and fatigue were some trees change leaf season, a second looked at the branches are separated, such as dilated hearts rejoice that sluggish . Cyclic life always has a quiet winter, thoughts of loss and sadness for the many wounded. To then continue to a new season, and please try to overcome all obstacles to live life because: "When I'm gone, will take what, on the other side of the world, only non-empty ..."

"... I want to sing in the anxious days

forced to take a piece of straw clouds

Do not try to keep what remains

have no attachment to him ... well miss it! ... "

Tell me

To send you fall Hanoi

Post said the milk fragrance.

There are no children or get confused Sai

Oh balls, my dear girlfriend.

Sunny Saigon

you have enough gold to send my check out.

The soft yellow as

The capital Hanoi in Thang Long.

I am enclosing a little miss you both Saigon and

Let me again.

kiss mark on the fragrance of milk

for wind in your hair mess .

wondered suddenly want to send more skeptical,

wishes peace and happiness.

But as the legs are urged

One day I will visit.

Oh Saigon silently longing. /.

One way against the wind

I reverse path, back to love you sunshine city dedicated

contrast, the opposite direction the wind blows my heart contrast

looking for superficial ..

wander away birds of the air wing indefinitely.

you back in time, my opposite hand space

bon chen life ... looking for immersive

how life itself reverse heart bottle

I still wake up sad .... I suggest green desire.

Wear what you want to speak with him again

suddenly transfixed before the season empty tree leaves

how the Earth will no longer blue

And how will he ... as in do not you?

I'm back .. the silence of the night

No longer, the winter and dust tenh

Street suddenly sad ..

windy winter afternoon, this afternoon alone .. alone .. you know me.

Save attachment

have not seen each other that separation />

Poetry of my heart I just mean that

As fragrant as the moon

soft as silk willow leaves

words silently in

the wind farm concerns.

He was soaked and There were thousands of long

shaken by painful

Because fascinated, because I rejoice

biting lyrics to the blood movement.

Word poetry is not glaring and growling, hard suck

But my heart soared smooth hybrid blood

Poetry in the heart rang like sweet, earnest

Echoes echo everywhere.

I've heard they have or

love him stars have to show mad love of

He said he still get the wild

clear space these days.

The days of pain dying a sad day

The book stamping machine guidance

The music piece of gold fell

The hope is that we tremble night of love.

He stood away from the world of dream

Looking at the mouth when you smile I

laugh me laugh track

To send your soul to have arrived.

anxious waiting

Do you know you are not anxious wait?

I know not how long you wait?

night, suddenly take over a century-long drift

One moment ... you count the time elapsed

Do you know your heart hurts not?

You have made me happy tears

The rain suddenly fell, and then passes off without

I hear you count every drop of rain falling ...

You promised me something I remember?

Do not make me hurt, make me disappointed

Sao squeeze hurts my heart broken?

Play ... feel the pain each heart beat Mai

this pain away, I have unfortunately not?

Happiness disappear and melt fragility

The tan went like smoke radiates love

expected late ... forever - the pain?

Through another way to remember

After a season-dimensional stepping Blue Moon

im from the meal Poor John />

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