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Love poem part 6

summer song

Phoenix was brutal fall roads throughout
Last page guestbook universal belief wounded leaf cone coil
pm Dismissal
Save the attachment between the verses
glaring and growling, the latter leaves sicken
I feel dazed to remember all directions white
Parting same day appointments are not enlightened
first love square Forever King.

Poems for mom

If people start tales with his old Then Buddha
tales of children would start
In the old days with her mother ... ...
The gentle happiness does not own one
That is happiness is adjacent to the mother
The great friends, but forever young kid
When swooping into our pet, "Mother, mother ..."
I want to install not only a fresh rose
On the chests to smile proudly
I want to install millions of blue flowers
For all the gentle mother
Children love boat her father was a wharf
There are also gone back to shore
tough life dream life is not as beautiful as the storm
should find my hand back in May
fractured foot Mom went to pick up the slight heel hard
soft enough hands upon her ten fingers the soft
(Mother's Hand also has more brown spots)
Mom is blue sunny, cloudy haze gray cast
Thom sweet every day you go back
mother is white, the light is wonderful
Between brandishing a dark road soi
step mother is everything I dreamed
Marriage thousand times on her hair blue and silver dress
smoother pour sweet old river poet
I get a change to a mother's life sentence
I sing folk songs about love
By her heart young children - offering glass
beyond any sense of gratitude written all
Words that describe their loving mother ...

Every child must be

love him reserved only for me, my children now and ever after.
Every child must be, and no one
As children, they too, just for me
Why you his brother
loved the world that he with him in life?
Other cost cutting live trees that provide lumbar
Felling between survival,
Chops are among the flowers, the leaf-level
Other expenditures must lay flowers bloom!
you ever imagine you'd
A life without you, Helpless as
wish was dead,
dead but must live!
Word Convention abreast together early
He also seems to keep the integrity
y words that nobody can see you are
I miss, love you still life.
Duy has my heart, still dating,
This is my gift exchange
Show me a flower essence
A flower withered heart never dry .

Password sweet love

When love came and filled the

's lost love create
But that did not take the result is sweet

At Love sweet love I give

And another day in your life after break up another lost
Knowing Left bitter

affordable life changed the other Secret Love
change the other too
Also change only
How to search
A sweet love to both

forever after, not just sweet
A transient then stop
But love should last bitter resistance
Han long

change the old bitter grief
Then weld up eyelids hoen
And days later to find new
The sweet old days ...

Sometimes we
Get a break away together

Spend spend spend spend is not broke, break branches form
Sometimes we like halibut fishing village situated on the sand
Sometimes showers I like farming acres in
way how to shore in the middle row.
Sometimes we like money
The tails of the tilt back is the same.
Sometimes we as human
silkworms eat a leaf, lying in the same heat.
Sometimes we like bees citrus
I wrapped the baby in the baby out
Sometimes we as children all
My husband hit his wife never sent me any link

love Ru

Ru love a love song ru lonesome
her a piece of moon
A lonely place far away on I Love
then you lose the odd dreams
Who we wait we wait?
Everyone who has lost species to poetry? Hundred Years

please not that this eternal love u forever The dear people
ru, ru a life forever
The sun went away forever make sure the situation on Ru

Life distant realms ORDER hundred years we were cold
Be still sad sunken dream
night after looking forward to the ancient trade
Many anxious night in the rain
The first is not to just miss?
Excellence love forever King
The first question that we are still waiting for the sun dew?
Ru is the situation in the dream
Eye Drops collection of fuzzy hoen laments

Rose Immortal

Ever People heard about the "rose immortal"
Have a look at the flowers he ... Illusion

love ... but probably will not have any rose immortal
But one thing will forever be immortalized ...
Not too sweet ... not too bitter

... But it is the best spice ... ...
Thursday spices are added throughout the life of ...
Saturday and spices that nobody will be spent ...
And will not forget it ...
And someone will say
... "There is eternal love, the only moments of eternal love"

Red Yellow

To say that gold rose betrayed red
Then there would not lie?
Hong blue tape so there will always be the price?
Well you is rustic cotton magnolia
Just make friends with her virgin flowers
I truly loved him school students Daisy
I also you your fortune in sesame or red
When the wind blows her being jealous Mind
I hear the breath of trees
Please do sad that this order is
I love flowers I read
I pollinated by wind and insects in the White Pole
I do not desire
spread yourself around me me I stained
bitter share
I never said I was grimacing with
When someone happy until you are sad, then I visited
It is man who is, or is it - there!
Maybe they have not seen yellow rice flower service
I need .... and how they say that you betrayed

Under sunlight

more light on the life group open fire in the place of celebrations
birds thrive on the fun in life I stir

offended by happy day in memory of early childhood love enthroned olives
Step xiu nominal path remote
I want to find out I
A wave clouds drifting boat to shove off
sparkling eyes greeted us
sun light, under sunlight
We welcome the new world, such as how long to wait
Sitting warm sunshine bathing troubles cloud cover
spite rising sea waves the boat is quiet
Even rainy city buried tilt
I still have the life that unfolds sun sign
Do not rush into ruins high on the fun
drop tomorrow in the hope bewilderment
As the stars melt
night with fellow walked in the hands of blue sky
Cover hands on the vast sea sage leaves or flowers falling
As the branch
wave clouds drifting boat to shove off
eyes sparkling sun greeted us
We welcome the new world as long awaited warm sunshine
Sitting troubles cloud
Although the boat waves sea levels remained silent
Despite the rainy city buried tilt
I do not live around here are crushing friends

love beckons

Fire Fraternity Fire flashes in the evening, I rejoice every
on his way.
Female Children mile long wind frost, serve
Forgot your outpouring of love.
I give God a high import can,
Bring the joy of waiting forward.
smeared remnants nights dawn,
dispel cold fire lit.
The reunion copulating earth,
hour shifts to save the life complete.
John the presence of the Word,
glass cult celebrations visit Sun King.
Division handmaid reverently sincerely,
Store lyrics righteous humility.
Praise God forever identical,
rate look like puff the department's petty.
According to mother heel part redemption,
Living faithful loving wishes.
Tim love, love to the end,
Visit, meet, share joy fever.
Men who solo the night,
Supply suffusion of anxious sorrow fell.
irritating suite of cues are typically referred to invite ringing ... Collected

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