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Love poem part 10

Men love to remember

I met you in the yeast flavor alcohol concentration

I carved bonnet leaning dreamily

I calmly past the laughing voices

I say again and again ecstatic static

Sitting next to me that infinite soul

Do not know I was awake or dreaming

So love me so I turned up my si

Remembering past and present grief

Alcohol soft lips ever so pleased also

Still Sad she dose not say forever

Because I love you, best known heavily nostalgic

The ball does not fade in the position because I love her

modest fine

Stroke soft lobe simply as a love poem entitled

night as the moon eclipsed

back down to where I stay single ...


not know why I love you?

Why missed how many nights?

Why talk forever, but not all?

Say you love to remember forever more.

Is spring in the black eye?

Or hair soaked in flavor night?

breathes Slightly fragrant, wet lips, first kiss

Half forgot his cha ...

Austrian spring garden you have to specifically

estimated to jumping red sun smile? Or

dimensional separation between the waves?

Commercial vessels originating telecommunications mountain clouds?

I fear white sun fading star afraid

blue eyes sad touch

small soft hands stroked his back wind

He first caught the hair look silly ignore ...

thousand clouds are smaller than mountain hamlet,

ru ball over the river boat.

Baby , missed the river by the end of the mountain,

Only love me, you know?

Ben dream

Ben dream boat passing under the boat dreams.

I've been dreaming about washing hair.

aborted diaper, she quietly

to see him join some poetry.

Suddenly her happy applause rang,

-poet, husband and children, his lovely

The Poems his fantasies too!

And sacred too! And sublime!

He looked her in the attachment:

-My dear! where they poetry, his

-I know what he said poetry nhé!

life have I just want to kiss him.

A, a back one,

Cheeks man in a thousand lips.

He smiled as each step went on:

- bowing her own English, he asked for it!

love angel

Who has found love glitter eye corner ?

Joinery love filled the lashes, />

I love you

So far I love you as long as possible

The fire situation is not necessarily brutal factional,

But not to worry me more heart or soul to

ripple ball u forever

I loved you silently, without hope,

At timid jealousy when burning function

I love you, love sincere loving

younger lover as I've been loving you Puskin

The nostalgic old square

Report for the year remains in the hearts

The overall square circle would embrace only

Although labor must

Though withered heart painful to wear because my love was caught

melancholy situation of African children crying silently soaked

Every night quietly silent

Bringing to light how sad nostalgia

Life drops me very sad flush

Just hope he has immense love

How to get in the left horizontal broaching

also happy to accept humiliating eagle finish on where to find

make love pink and silver for the reputation that her husband forgot where

On lift off the curse

The stars grace the ancient kingdoms such issues

Thousand year round full-iron no son

you very much, this time over more pain Similarly

pay off first love just tell forever remembered by Lida

Call silently longing

i keep calling in my nostalgia

Even though a whisper from way back where his heart still

Language dearly not blur

I received the pleasure of quiet

I love to call themselves

ripe for dreams faith in our business wrap

For red lips petal pink

the wind kiss you gave though abstract

He kept calling even words in the wind

also mellow greens cool hearts

Whether you enjoy the distant sound soft and sweet bitter

Though they also listen

It is true that please do not think harassment

They say I'm very sad it is also silent

Because you grasp the overall situation

He carried himself in a quiet get

I write what I burying

Whether I love or farewell apart

Le grief will fade promise

When I see our love is destiny Hovers Lida

Giving children

I send a donation Hardware Wear pink branch

mistakes, remember, wait, wait, hope

Ah, darling do not get to refuse

Red gave me the heart to donate hardware

He sent the loose

compassion, please remember, please wait a long night awake

looked out the window

Counting raindrops, small donation please send

He also would love a dream

Love you forever rest of life does not ignore these two little

After falling

though sometimes Love is with you, forever does not give hard

I send all love poems love poems he wrote

with dreams get away Oh Small


To love to, delete waiting!

He posts a lifetime gift pet

But in half, but

The win not answered for you on all

That whole lifetime for you ....

Languages ​​of Love

The language of love whispered in the night Still Hope

sweet, green fence

flaming heart As I softly touching the grass

this world we only have their flashes and

Sao fragrant weed

Where memory where the base language

love love language does not lie betrayed

Keeping my legs around the streets of life

I will go to the same strain, it did not just decide to find

by the children only Kiudicti < br />


I wander the romantic garden flowers

I'm hiding behind

Stop giggling step we also face crestfallen

loose girl Fresh off the rose you

I threw his heart

took the flower of love that room closed or petrol

sharp spines hidden germ

Throughout the next few wounds our hearts

Love you so we expose phoi

Living in a passionate animal sources

But also live in pain anymore

mouth closed while bitter laugh.

must say

"Love tha set, that is still not enough?

British greed, he asking too much.

I know, you said you love;

Why still want to remind every word was old? "

- Love dearly, that is still not enough,

If you love only to the heart;

expressed or not, love is not.

And Beauty marble only.

I covet boundless and wonderful destination,

I know? He searches me nostalgic.

The truth today is not until tomorrow ...

Then never again have sex old?

Love dearly, that is still not enough,

Must say love, busy hundred thousand times;

must forever night sight for spring,

Bring birds released in the butterfly garden of love.

I must say, to say, and must By

own words said at the end of the eyes, the eyebrows, fun

By definition, by drawing shy, way drunk,

By early fall, with smiling mouth, his hands hung,

By silent, with more you know!

Essence least you do not like the cold,

Do the one who calmly burning hearts, peace

Do not like the lake bed.

love dearly, that is still not enough.

Xuan Dieu

keywords: poetry, fine tho, tho love, Native, romantic tho, tho tinh hay nhat, collecting cards or crystal, crystal or a collection of poetry, synthetic or Saturn.

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